PlexTools Question

ok, too may versions !!! … which one should i be using ? (which is best)

i have 3 discs :bigsmile:

  1. PlexTools LE (no serial needed version - came with 600AL drive)
  2. PlexTools Pro XL (with serial - came with 755UF drive)
  3. whatever version that shipped with the retail version of the 716SA, the box says PlexTools Pro (with serial)

obviously i only want one copy on my system, at the moment i have the LE and am not impressed by it’s load up time, infact it could be described as painfully slow … almost in the nero bloatware category :rolleyes:

so, which one should i be using, obviously i’ll update it once installed


i got a 755uf too,but i thought it just came with plextools pro and le

do i have xl too?

the side of the box i have says Plextools Pro XL (i havent actually opened the cd packaging yet, and there is no indication on the disc label what version it is, just a serial number)

mine says that too.thx for making me notice that.

hehehe your welcome.

i’m hoping one of the resident experts will post up the relevant info relating to each version, shame there isn’t a sticky topic with the various builds and differences listed, or did i miss something :confused:

:doh: … i did miss something :rolleyes:

PlexTools was released in 1999 by Plextor to give extra support to Plextor hardware by enhancing the possibility to directly control specific functions. The standard version was discontinued in April 2003, and replaced by an advanced version.

Since then, PlexTools Professional has proven to be stable, precise and useful. It offers high quality audio and multimedia capabilities and advanced control of several powerful features of Plextor drives. The distinctive design allows ease of use for newcomers without compromising on the powerful features that experienced burners demand.

Based on existing solid code, PlexTools Professional XL offers more features and extra options. The new layout with resizable windows and improved graphs, enhanced audio functions and project options as well as the unique update check system are designed and tuned for the demanding user. A Limited Edition of PTPXL is available as free utility. PlexTools Professional HDD is a cut-down version that only has the functions for Plextor hard disks build-in.

so to answer my own question, i want the XL version :iagree: (and some new glasses)

If you actually have a full version with the 755 then you are lucky - I thought they just bundled a 30 day trial with the drive. You may have to settle for Plextools LE which is a slightly cut down version of XL.



interesting, i’m not sure i’ll have to have a looksee, it has a serial number on the disc, so i would not expect that with the 30 day trial, i’ll also have to have a look at what they packed with the 716

Pro and XL are End-Of-Life (no more updates/support) and not Vista-compatible. LE is the way of the future. I’d guess the serial no. on the dvd is for another bundled program.

ok, first you are correct the serial on the discs were for the bundled software, most of it being both old now and only trial versions and the “full” bits are not so great, but then, these are not brand new just released items, to be honest i rarely bother with the discs that come with things, however in this case the plextools software being packaged is handy.

now the discs

  1. PX-600AL disc = Plextools LE
  2. PX-755UF disc = Plextools LE and Plextools Pro
  3. PX-716SA disc = Plextools Pro and Plextools XL 30 day trial

i only have windows XP Pro (32bit) and have absolutely no intention of upgrading (downgrading?) to Vista at anytime in the near future.

I thought the LE version was a slightly feature stripped XL version ?

Plextools Professional XL 3.13 is Vista compatible.

They certainly stripped out some of the features that I found useful - but then maybe I was the only person using them!