Plextools question



I am new at this so forgive any ignorance.
I have a 716A.
I was interested is testing the quality of my DVD media both blank and after it is burned. (I assume this is possible) I called up Plextor tech support and asked them how to accomplish this. They told me to install Plextools Pro from the DVD that came with the drive. I did so.
However, when I look in the table of contents, it only discusses testing CDs not DVDs. (p-51)
Do I need another program to test DVDs or is this an oversight in the manual? I’d really appreciate some help with this.


Launch PTP (v2.32a is latest version) and check the menu bar on the left. In a nutshell, yellow area is diagnostics. C1/C2 checks errors on written CD, PI/PO checks errors on written DVD. FE/TE checks blank cd/Dvd for tracking and focus error (disc manufacuring quality), Jitter/Beta checks pit/land quality on written disc. TA checks pit/land on DVD only.


In case you don’t know you can install the PlexTools software from your disc and download the upgrades from Upgrading is free but you need to have a version installed because else the upgrades won’t install.