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I bought an OEM plextor premium a while back and never really noticed that the burner can cram in data over a GB. The Gigarec feature, from my assumption, can only be enabled by plextools. Turns out I can’t find the software that came with the drive. I’ve tried looking online for it and the only thing I came across were update files that request the original to be installed. Where can I get the original program?

Er, well, you can’t. PlexTools Professional can be purchased now.
References to a hack allowing to install the upgrade without having installed
the original have been removed from the site because they were in violation of the EULA.

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there’s a registry hack that enables you to install the update w/out having the program already installed. i can’t post it here so i suggest googling for “plextools registry hack”. or just google plextools pro and you’ll find links to the full install.

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I havn’t been around in awhile and I just noticed they removed the little pics I made of how to install the reg hack.

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