Plextools question about write transfer test?

hi all,

looking for a little more help than manual/help file contains about the write transfer test in plextools pro 2.03.

my understanding of it’s use is to test blank media?

i keep default settings

so what would it mean if my 2410a when checked using either internal buffer (data mode1) and/or internal buffer (cd-da) (settings in preferences).

test ran at 16x shows that until very end (lead out area?) where it goes to 6.41?

this on fuji (ty?) 48x media that i always use.
does it mean media is bad or is this normal for speed down at very end?

cdpseed has never showed this speed drop at end although with cdspeed i do cdquality after i burn so media isn’t blank.


Have you read this? How to use PlexTools Professional (HT00006)

no but i have now :slight_smile:

just was hoping to find out a little more about what the screen “should” look like with my 2410a when tested at the different speeds.


I don’t know how it will look with a PX-W2410TA drive, but it looks like this with my PX-W4012TA drive: