PlexTools Q-Check TA

i need some info about the “real life” meaning of this test. i recently bought some TDK +r media and i found some odd things. With my 716 found a low PI level but a “not good” result with TA check. Never seen before with the Verbatim +r x8 that i usualy use. by the way a got a similar situation with verbatim +r 16x: low PI but “not result” in TA check.


The TA test is basically the same as the Beta/Jitter test with a different style of presenting the results. While the B/J test covers the whole disk, the TA test only tests a small area at the beginning, int the middle and at the end of a disk. The TA test is a fast but also relatively innacurate way of getting a result.

B/J and TA will tell you how well the pits/lands on the disk where written. PI/PO shows the workings of error correction (see here: )

It’s possible that a disk is ‘Bad’ in the sense of TA (at the edge of what the standard asks for) while still beeing readable and thus needing little error correction.

I try the TDK media on a 109 (fw buffalo 8.50) and this time i got a Good\Very Good result on the TA test and a lower PI value. Maybe TDK +r media is not good on Plextor… I’m worried that using this media on plextor result in a shorter life of data.

what is the mid of the TDK +R media you’re using? Providing that would help someone here tell you their experience with the media burned on Plextors

With regards to the TA results, I have to agree with HWP, because I’ve tested the same zone (inner, middle, outer) several times repeatedly and at times gotten widely different results. It’s nice if the result is good or better, but more users seem to put more stock in the full Beta/Jitter test–as I do, because I’ve seen good results there many times, but then not-so-great results (or at least not as good as they should have been according to the Beta Jitter test) from the TA test. :doh:

I’m not a big fan of TDK. Their +r 8x (MID: tdk 002 00) are only mediocre. Their + and - 16x (TDK 003 00 and TTH02) seem a bit better but are not my first choice.

The TDK I got have mid MBIPG101R04. I’ll post a Beta\Jitter test i’m running now. I hope someone could give me some advice to understand the result.

Here is the beta/jitter test for one TDK +r burned with Plextor 716A 1.08 at x8