PlexTools Professional

My PlexTools Professional Disc cracked at the hub, which made the disc unreadable. Anyone know where I can download this software online. I can buy a copy from the Plextor site, but don’t want to pay for something I already have. Drive is an internal PlexWriter Premium ATAPI CD-RW drive. Thanks, Garrett.

Have you tried plextor support

They want me to buy it for $15.18

I would recommend calling Plextor Sales at 510-440-2000 and talk to one of the PLEXTOR salesmen not 3rd party Plextor support thru the outsourced support company in Ohio(who obviously needs your money)…your not asking for an upgrade to XL you just want the disc that was provided to you with your recent purchase replaced, call Sales - not a guarantee but they are usually pretty cooperative. When you call make sure your familiar with the DISC REV that you received, they usually ask for it. Good Luck.

Thanks Everyone, just fixed my problem with something called the Registry Editor?, who knew(wink wink)