Plextools Professional XL demo is online



I just posted the article Plextools Professional XL demo is online.

like Plextor has put up version 3.00 of Plextools Pro in a 14 day try and buy
form. Here is a screenshot of the Pro version. You can see better info and
screenshots on this page. Plus,…

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Basically a bloatware.


It’s a pity TexasGuy was moderated -2, Plextor fanboys ahoy, I’ve used Plextor since 1999, but I’m not quite sure why this ‘product’ is being pushed… Can they not produce a solid product, unique for their drives, ship it with the drive… and leave it at that? A Plextor drive, now, in this country (Ireland), is about 3x the price of any other product. Add to the price the software? No thanks. Plextor are ‘moving the goal posts’, no better than Microsoft in my view. In the long run, unless this is seen to be ‘better value’, it’ll just come across as a customer sting/scam.
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