PlexTools Professional XL and Vista

The latest version 3.12 of this utility is Vista-compatible. I don’t know how to install it, as the downloadable version is only for activated PTPXL installations. I’ve asked the support some weeks ago, but still no answer. Maybe someone here has a solution for this question.

The XL version is retail only. You need to purchase the license and receive the activation code.

You can use the LE version for free.

Did you actually try to install the “PlexTools Professional LE Update” to see if it is really an update only? I’m asking because the link with filename actually is whereas updates usually have endings like “Uxx” (xx for language) names.

I have purchased the XL version on March 2005, as the program was released from Plextor. Everytime I have to reinstall the program I have to use the first version. Then I can update to the latest version.

On the support page of the Plextools Plextor described “How to activate PlexTools Professional (XL) after a system crash or new installation?” But this solution never runs.

I have installed the latest version of Plextools Pro XL 3.12 on Vista Ultimate and reactivated the program. It is not completely Vista compatible. With every start the UAC informs, that the program has no certification.

vista x64 UAC off, plextools 3.12XL working well.


i try to use it under Vista Business 32. The Diskmaker works not for me. Drag’n drop
some files don’t work, if i try to use the import function of PTXL the files where displayed in PTXL as directories. Autostarting doesn’t work, too. Any Ideas, hints?



Hmm, disabling the UAC seems to help. But this is not that, which i call
’Vista compatible’ :(. Any informations about a really compatible version
of PTXL?



Mechanical translation from Plextor-Japans homepage:

[I]“The correspondence schedule with version rise. At other way HP it publishes time”[/I]

Probably meaning Vista compatibility will be assured via the next regular release. For announcement, see Plextools Homepage.