Plextools Professional XL 3.16

Plextools Professional XL 3.16

Version 3.16 has not been announced on but can be obtained from Plextor support, if you are a registered user.

:\ hmmmm this link was posted here a couple months ago and got deleted. I’ve been using it for about that length of time. So i guess now it’s officially ok with CDF’s…

It is not official. I asked Plextor some days ago and they answered, that this program is only for Plextor customers, which can prove, that they have bought this program earlier online from Plextor. Version 3.16 is the full-version and need no registration code.

I added my registration to it just in case…works for me.

@Udo-Andreas is it working out ok for you now?

Just to add this version works with Vi$ta Ultimate 64 bit no problems.

The Plextools Pro XL 3.13 / LE 3.14 and older had problems with the Intel Matrix Storage Driver and Vista x86. This problem seemed to be solved with XL 3.16. It runs with Vista x64 with no problems.

My POP and my registration code was not required. I need this program and my Plextor drives only for testing my burned DVDs. The 2 drives from Pioneer are much better then the Plextors.

The development of this program seemed to be stopped. The online shop for buying the program is closed. I am disappointed, that Plextor does not make the XL 3.16 available for all owners of Plextor drives…

Well in that case i guess this should be deleted and i see why the first time it was posted it vanished.

Thank you, hwp!

Hmmm. Thanks for the feedback guys. When i created the thread I wasn’t aware this version doesn’t require the POP anymore (i’d simply assumed that Plextor had been lazy in updating the download page, they haven’t - for example - updated the free LE download but newer versions are shipping with newer drives for some time now). Obviously then, this means the file is not intended for the general public unless Plextor clearly states otherwise. I’ve thus removed the link and would like to ask everyone not to post it again.

However the information that a newer version exists is useful for all paying customers and i’ll let the thread itself continue.

Thanks much for the news HWP… Just e-mailed Plextor USA support and provided my original POP code.

If the answer by Plextor getting the ‘Plextools Professional XL 3.16’ takes too much time, it can’t be wrong asking “Aunt Google” :cool:

can’t find it :-(. can somebody please upload it anywhere? or works an old version of the not ‘xl’ with intel matrix?

Ask “Aunt Google” for “Plextools Professional XL 3.16” and you’ll get an answer… :iagree: …it is really like I wrote 2 postings above!

thx i missed the -> " <-.

Plextools Professional XL 3.16 is not as new as it seems. It is almost 10 months old really.
I’m subscribed to this thread and got notification via email about new post here with direct link. :slight_smile: Don’t even known at that time that new version don’t need any registration anymore. I red about that in this thread later.
Some old bugs fixed (compared to PTPro 2.36 and PTLE 3.14), some new added.

How many days does it take for them to reply? Did you contact them via too?

I had to wait 24 hours for the first reply. The second reply with the official link has come about 14 hours later. I contacted Plextor via, as I can ask there my questions in German.

[QUOTE=Udo-Andreas;2093951]I had to wait 24 hours for the first reply. The second reply with the official link has come about 14 hours later. I contacted Plextor via, as I can ask there my questions in German.[/QUOTE]

i wrote to them on friday. still no reply. can you give me the email which you’ve mailed to?


Does the “Check for Updates” function work for anybody in version 3.16? Here it doesn’t!

“Unable to connect” …