PlexTools Professional XL 3.13


PlexTools Professional XL V3.13 released on 29 May 2007

Several minor bug fixes.

they should have fixed ALL BUGS before they release new BUG release cuesheets are still buggy

And can it scan with PX-800A/810SA?

What bugs did they supposedly fix? I haven’t noticed any improvement, and the bugs that are currently pissing me off are still present.

it can’t scan with an px-800a,cause i tested it.

And this won’t change, as the PX800 is a Nec/Optiarc drive and not a real premium Plextor.

Besides, is it just me or are the new versions (XL and LE) 3.13 the first ones supporting Vista?

I just installed 3.13 and see absolutely no difference between 3.13 and 3.12. I am still running XP Pro.

I am expecting my first retail Plextor 760A drive today. Do I have to buy PlexTools or does it come bundled with the drive? Sorry, but I’m a Plextor noob.

It will come with PlexTools Professional, but not the XL version. And welcome to the Plextor owners’ club :clap:

Please help me with some explanations.

With PlexTools v3.10, after complete burning an *.iso disc, I counter an error like something: 1 BP activity error.
At the end of burning process, when lead out, tray unit eject and disturb that process, then close again and suddenly after that 1BP message error appears and writing process end just fine, but with that error.

Why tray eject and close in time of lead out? Because this is the cause of BP error.


@R/\ZV/\N: This error can be ignored if the files are fine, i.e. if they are found at all.

I’ve just burnt the first video dvd with the new version. This is the worst crap I’ve ever come across with Plextor products: The VIDEO_TS folder cannot be recognised although all files and folders are there. So, we can say they have fixed the file compare issue by making them invisible to your machine. Well done, Plextor!

No - this is not the cause of the BP error. The drive has to eject and reload the disc in order to recognise that there is now a burned CD/DVD in the drive in order to be able to perform further testing. If the verify test is OK then there’s no problem due to BP being activated. With modern drives it is probably almost impossible to detect any additional errors due to Burnproof activation during a burn - they certainly don’t show up in any Plextools test that I’ve seen.



One thing I noticed on the PlexTools site… they no longer offer PlexTools Pro XL for sale… I guess it might be the end of PlexTools.

I have Plextor, Europe, and here is the answer:

Dear sir,

It is correct that Plextools-XL is no longer available for purchase.
However one can use Plextools-LE as alternative and it is free downloadable.
All our products must pass a high quality test before releasing in the market, als PX-755SA and PX-760SA.
With Premium functions and PTP-LE, one can also check the quality by running PI/PO check utility.

Best regards,

Customer Service Manager
Plextor Europe
Excelsiorlaan 9, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium

tel: +32 2 718 03 80
fax: +32 2 718 03 90
mobile: +32 478 61 62 63

So are they going to incorporate XL’s full functionality into LE or are those of us that use some of XL’s more advanced features going to be stuck?



Can anyone confirm that the MP3 id-tag bug as described here:
is still there in 3.13? Thanks.

Confirmed, it is still there.

there is another couple of bugs i have noticed too …

i have a dell 2707wfp monitor which has a built in USB hub, and a total of 4 built in card readers (i think), and i have my webcam plugged into it as well, anyway … if i turn off the monitor, plextools XL crashes. I can only assume it is because it was trying to monitor the flash drives, and having them suddenly removed upsets it, is there anyway to stop it monitoring certain drives ?

also if i right click the Varirec text in the drive settings for my 716sa to get the info, instead of the popup info box, plextools will crash everytime

I’m new in this community and I hope you can help me.
I’m trying to install PlexTools Professional XL 3.13 on my PC (Abit NF7-S with AMD 3000+, 1024 MB RAM, Plextor 4824A and Windows XP SP1) and it gives me always the same message: "Ordinal 201 could not be find in dynamic library winmm.dll … ". I’ve cleaned the register, but it’s the same.
Then I’ve installed PlexTools Professional XL 3.13 on a PC (very similar to mine) of my friend and it works fine!
Does someone know what Plextools need for a correct installation?
Many thanks. Regards.

I had the same error and I installed plextools 313 LE… it’s doing the tests I was interested in and it’s free on plex site.