PlexTools Professional XL 3.09 released

Now available at



* General
      o Added option to disable read and write offset
      o Some PnP ODD's are not shown in PTPXL (registry information contains malformed data)
      o General settings in registry will not be deleted when upgrading
      o Added a 'Graph Control' window for all Q-Check windows (available through right-click)
      o DVD-RAM: added detection for 'manufacturer id' and 'media id'
      o Added check for updates for capture devices

* Disc Extraction
      o Include album Title & Artist in cuesheet.
      o Added time variables for filenames.
      o Added possibility to embed a cuesheet in a MAC file.
      o Added possibilty to add headerinfo to a wave file
      o Added possibility to edit the disc title and artist
      o Disc title and artist are always available when extracting with an external encoder

* AudioCD Maker
      o If a cuesheet is embedded in a FLAC file, this cuesheet is used for the structure of the disc.
      o If a cuesheet is embedded in a Monkey's Audio File, this cuesheet is used for the structure of the disc.
      o The headerinfo of a wave file is converted into CD Text.

* Disc Maker
      o Added possibility to select files and folders to add to the project as an alternative for drag & drop.

* Disc Copy
      o Added option to change BookType.

* Backup Maker
      o Added new project types: "Incremental Backup" , "Differential Backup".
      o When a project is loaded, backup maker automatically checks for new files/folders.
      o If no disc is inserted when a scheduled task starts, a warning will be shown.
      o The message "A task has been scheduled to run at startup and will begin within 10 seconds..." has been updated (shown when a task is scheduled to be performed on startup).

* Video Capture
      o New option 'Expert Mode' that allows you to capture with the settings from 'Advanced Video/Audio'.

* Video Device Settings
      o New functions 'Advanced Video' & 'Advanced Audio' for ConvertX devices.

* Hard Disk Device Settings
      o Password Protection: added new options to unlock/disable the protection.


* General
      o Several minor bugfixes.

* Disc Copy
      o When copying an audiocd to the PX-230A with include UPC/EAN enabled and include ISRC disabled the resulting disc is corrupted (not always).

* DVD Read TRT
      o The speed was not set correctly for PX-750.

* freedb
      o PTPXL crashes in some cases when retrieving freedb info (The Animals - Retrospective).

Thanks [I]hwp[/I]. I can add, for italian users, that an italian language pack has been added for this version. :slight_smile:


I’ve had one video dvd already that doesn’t play in my Pioneer 520H recorder. The files were created in Pinnacle Studio and play fine if burnt with Nero. Moreover, the buffer underrun-proof setting is disabled occasionally. Weird. The good thing: Enable overburn is turned off if a dvd-r is inserted. Well, I don’t have any +r to check the opposite :).

I’ve checked it with two more video dvd’s: The player says, “Replay cancelled, change of tv system.” If I burn the disc with Nero, everything will be alright.

And a positive remark: The graph control for the diagnostic options is cool. Yes, it is. Definitely. :slight_smile:

Post pictures! :bow:

I will as soon as the recordings are done.

Another bug: If you go to the video scheduler and delete a task that’s been done already, the next task will be deactivated. This will not happen if you use the mouse (right-click).

Here we go … It does look nice, doesn’t it?

Maybe you’re interested in it: A screenshot of the advanced video settings. I’m afraid the help file should be updated :slight_smile: .

i might have to buy XL in order to take full advantage of my M402U even though i should get comprehensive functionality without having to pay additional money… :rolleyes:

It depends. The XL version is not mentioned in the package. Without it I would not have learnt about a higher bitrate than 6 MBit/s.

do you know about GoCap?

Thanks for the link! I didn’t know that one. Will play around after playing with my cats :).

Now I know. PTXL offers the same settings and more (see the thread about the new version). It didn’t help it. The lines are still there.

Can anyone pls tell me whether I need to uninstall 3.08 before I upgrade to 3.09?

I didn’t.


Has anyone been able to erase a disc automatically using ‘disc maker’? Normally I would put in a dvd-rw and it would ask me if it’s ok to erase and then acutally erase the disc and write. Now, it refuses to erase and tells me that the disc is full. duh!

What’s better, Plextools or Gocap in terms of functionality, reliability, but most important video capture quality?

I have a Plextor ConvertX TV-402U


The capture quality should depend on the device you have because we are talking about a hardware encoder.

I’d prefer PTPXL because there are a lot more settings to fine-tune your recordings. And you have a scheduler, which works flawlessly here.