PlexTools Professional XL 3.04



Today Plextor Europe released a new Update for PlexTools Professional XL to V. 3.04.


PlexTools Professional XL V3.04
released on 05 September 2005


Support for PX-716UFL.
Support for PX-740UF.
AudioCD Maker
Load Project: ‘All Supported Files’ is default instead of ‘.pxa’ in the Open File Dialog.
Disc Info
View Disc Contents for CD’s (ISO, UDF and ISO/UDF).
View Disc Contents for DVD’s (ISO, UDF and ISO/UDF).
Disc Maker
MultiSession for CD’s (ISO, UDF and ISO/UDF).
MultiSession for DVD’s (ISO, UDF and ISO/UDF).


Freedb: if the user email address contains reserved characters, freedb info can’t be retrieved.
Updated OggVorbis libraries to V1.1.1.
Improved LAME options.
If the size of the project exceeds 4700MB, the volume bar will auto adjust itself.
Q-Check Beta/Jitter Test
Improved Beta and Jitter results.


DVD Write Transfer Rate
PX-740A: the DVD+RW Booktype set to DVD-ROM causes error message: Drive Not Ready (020404).
PTPXL crashes when tests after recording are selected for DVD.
Several other minor bugfixes.




Thanks for reporting USFlatliner!


Yeah and external PX-716A doesn’t support Gigarec according to this :smiley:


What do you mean? :confused:





Strange… here it works fine even with firewire connection…
is it a “true” 716UF or are you using an enclosure?



Separate, inofficial enclosure, but pxscan can activate gigarec with this configuration.

OK: I tried to launch PlexTools “Normal” while XL was running -> BSOD (in USBSTOR.SYS or DLL, don’t remember).

After a reboot, it now correctly says the drive can do gigarec … this is really funny, as it shows Plextools XL just said the drive couldn’t do it, without asking the drive :slight_smile:


A lot if stuff in PlexTools seems to be hard-coded and not dynamically adjusted according to the drive attached. For example PlexTools also obstinately claims that the 712a cannot read + or - R DL, which is obviously not true. Same goes for the 708a if i remeber correctly.


When asking the drive, the PX-712 really doesn’t say it could read DVD+R DL. That’s a firmware problem, and the only way around it would be hardcoding that piece of information in PlexTools