PlexTools Professional v2.24b released!


PlexTools Professional V2.24b released on 13 July 2005
* Bug Fix: DAE: if ABR is selected in LAME preferences and the ‘Average Bitrate’ is set to a lower value than the ‘Minimum Bitrate’, a warning is given when the window is closed.

PlexTools Professional V2.24a released on 12 July 2005
* Changed: General: support PX-740UF and PX-716UFL
* DAE: The ‘Mode’ option in the LAME preferences has now ‘Joint Stereo’ as default value
* Bug Fix: DAE: When choosing ABR in LAME, the encoded files have an extremely low bitrate.
* Q-Check Beta/Jitter Test: The jitter values for DVD media are not always correct.

PlexTools Professional V2.24 released on 08 July 2005
* Changed: support latest drives

…seems that someone looked at our requests (for example, the request for LAME Joint Stereo encoding as default)… :slight_smile: