Plextools Professional (non XL) End of Life

Plextor USA has put the following notice on their download-page:

[I]"Attention PlexTools Professional users

PlexTools Professional 2.xx will no longer be supported with upgrades. Version 2.36, shipped with the PX-755UF only, is the last supported version. Users wishing to update PlexTools Professional v2.xx for use with Windows Vista are requested to download the free PlexTools Professional LE software."[/I]

Annoyingly, the linked home of Plextools ( still carries the old version 2.35 of PTP, while 2.36 has been available for a while already, but only directly from Plextor Japan (English program, japanese Help-files) as announced here

Indeed good support…

Buy PTPXL 3.12 instead XDDDD

I don’t see what the problem is. From my testing I can’t find anything PlexTools Professional can do that PlexTools LE can’t.

Good point, I cant see the difference for quality testing they both do the same but I do know it has more features.

What about DAE in Plextools LE?

PTP and PTP XL can both be installed at the same time. Just get LE and try it.