Plextools Professional and How to Post Scans?



I was wondering how do you post scans of you plextools pro on a thread? After a scan you can save it as an png file (but that only shows the scan itself and not the info) or an html. If i save it as an html i get all the informatinon with it, as well as, the scan. I see that several people post these scans with all the info just as it looks on my saved html file, but i can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve post scan before either using kprobe or dvdinfo pro, but their png files have all the info where plextools pro doesn’t. I’ve check the faq section and it doesn’t mention anything about this so any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve got got a new 716sa and do mostly dual layer burning with mkm-001 media and would like to participate in posting some of my scans.


save results as HTML, open file in a browser, screenshot it (ALT+PRTSCRN) and paste into your image editing software of choice (MS Paint will do). save the screenshot as a PNG and attach it to your post. you’ll then have the visual scan as well as the info in one image file…

it’s kind of a PITA really…


I save the scan as HTML and open it in a browser, just like drpino describes, but I then use SnagIt to perform the screenshot using “Object” mode, and that makes it much easier.


When reading this, I’m almost getting the impression it was a bit more convenient with PxScan/PxView


It is, unless you have a PX-755/760 in which case it’s not convenient at all.

But you’re not the one who needs to hear that again for the umpteenth time. :frowning: