Plextools Pro XL (Win 7) stop to execute on 2010?

Windows 7 Ultimate strange problem on new year, today i have try to make a scan on Plextools XL 3.16
but the progran have stop to work, the OS say i don’t have the Right to execute the PTXL, i have try ALL,
nothing to do the program have stop to work, this happen only on my PC configuration ?

The program was work perfectly in 2009.

Now that you mention it, I can see that the PlexTools website is gone too.

This might be a problem specific to v3.16, while earlier versions could predate the agenda to terminate the software. I’m still running v3.12 just fine. I’ll have to test v3.16 in a virtual machine or two, and see how that goes. If that has a 2010 problem like you say, then I’ll be on the lookout for a v3.15 installer.

Since I cannot Edit my post, I’ll just have to reply again.

PlexTools XL 3.16 (from the legitimate installer I grabbed straight off of the PlexTools website before) works in Windows XP 32bit just fine.
More tests to come.

i have try to Uninstall e Reinstall, i have set Compatible XP Sp2 and i have give the FULL ADMINISTRATOR
but nothing to do ! i don’t understant, why it stop

[QUOTE=Glathannus;2483182]Now that you mention it, I can see that the PlexTools website is gone too.

The download has moved here:

A friend have try the Plextools XL in his Windows 7 and all work correctly, i think the 2010 is
only a casuality, more probabily something was damaged on my sistem and the plextools stop to work
there is some tool to complete remove Plextool to try a clean install ?