PlexTools Pro XL Update Mystery

I bought PTP XL from the PlexTools website and they gave me V3.10. The software automatically checks for updates and has been reporting that none are available. However, on the website a V3.12 is offered. When I install this, the program crashes on startup. When I uninstall it and re-install V3.10 everything is fine.

Any hints? I sent Plextor Support a note but from past experience I would be surprised to receive an answer.


I am using V3.12 first with XP Pro SP2 since mid January with Vista Ultimate without any problems. I have done a clean install of V3.12. I had some trouble with older versions of Plextools Pro XL special 3.10. Often within testing the quality of DVD+/-R the program crashes.

Thanks for responding. I installed V3.12 over V3.10 as well as once completely removed V3.10 before installing V3.12. In both cases the new version couldn’t be started, it crashed on startup.

The odd thing is, when on the PlexTools website you go to menu option “Purchase Online” they show V3.10. When you choose the “Download” option they show the V3.12 update in the very first line.

Why selling V3.10 when that isn’t the latest version? Well, V3.12 doesn’t work with me anyway. This is all very obscure.


This is a well known issue affecting all versions, and it shouldn’t be a reason for too much concern nor for not using a newer version. PlexTools crashes when the auto-startup box in the options menu is checked and other programs auto-start up as well. Known programs are Roxio Drag-To-Disc or AntiVir’s FreeAV for example. With unchecking auto-startup in PlexTools the problem should disappear. I assume that PlexTools was already frozen and it crashed when started. Maybe it’s that. It’s just a guess, but the issue above is known.

Support: Really? They always answered me so far. I was lucky I would say :). But it always took pretty long, because they are very busy they said. Personally I believe them. :iagree:

I have has V3.12 now for a few months and no problems at at. This is not new.

Thanks for the tip, George. The problem is that V3.12 on my system not only crashes on Windows Startup, it crashes any time it is started. When I uncheck auto-startup using MSCONFIG (for obvious reasons I cannot do that using PlexTools V3.12), reboot and start PlexTools manually, the program also crashes and the MS error reporting panel is displayed.

I went back to V3.10 and wait for Plextor’s response. By the way, I have no understanding at all for companies that don’t have proper customer support because they are “very busy”. They should get their priorities right; in my professional years I have learned that a customer query or complaint is a golden opportunity (My favourite video editor is EditStudio 5 by Pure Motion. Not only because it is excellent software but also because their staff answers any query within a couple of hours).


PlexTools: I see. I hope they can solve the issue.

Support: Right, that seems logical to me as well. The customer must be king in order to run a successful business. :iagree:

4 Days went by but no response from Plextor yet. :frowning: So much for support.


Neither had I to a different problem. I told them about two weeks ago.

In a separate thread on this forum, I’m trying to get a replacement for my one of my 755A. Living in the EU they have, according to themselves, FFFFAST Warranty Service, Collect and Return (as stated on the box), and 24 hours to respond to RMA-requests.

It took them 5 business days to even answer my RMA-request, and in their answer they say it will take another TEN business days to send me a replacement, a total of three weeks from the day of my request. Hardly what one would call fast service.

I’ve bought Plextors at a premium price for 10 years now. Now when I need their superior support, it seems to have vanished. Sad indeed.

is not the same plextor now.

Today I received the following reply from Plextor:

You should try to download the newest version of Plextools (3.13) from If the problem still persists, you should use the clear registry option in the preferences of Plextools. After this the problem should be gone if the update doesn’t work directly. Please contact us again if you are still experiencing problems.

Anyone heard something about a version 3.13? It’s not on the site the gentleman mentions. :frowning: And does anyone know how to “use the clear registry option” if the program cannot be started? :confused: I asked Plextor for a clarification…


No. Nothing yet. Ok, so it’s probably brand new and they didn’t update the page yet. :doh: Hopefully they’ll do so soon. There are some rather nasty bugs in 3.12 we told them about that will hopefully be fixed :rolleyes:

In the Pull-Down-Menu OPTIONS select PREFERENCES where in the tab GENERAL at the bottom you’ll find a boxed selection of functions labelled REGISTRY SETTINGS where a CLEAR button is.

Yes, please. Ask them to update the page ASAP :bigsmile:

How do you do that when you cannot start the program (see before)? :confused:


Install 3.10, clean registry and then update to 3.12?

Alternatively: Install 3.10, clean registry, uninstall 3.10 and install 3.12.

If that doesn’t fix it there might be something else (software or hardware) in your setup that interferes with PTPXL.

Thanks for thinking with me. However, the online info explicitely states that when using the Clear option, only the registry settings of the current version (in this case 3.10) will be influenced. I could nevertheless try it but I’m afraid I’ll end up with a version 3.10 that doesn’t work either.

I think I’ll wait for a clarification from Plextor, and I hope it will be something useful. First they tell me I should install a version that doesn’t exist and then that I should change registry settings using a program that doesn’t start. By the way, it’s not the first irrelevant response I get from them.

Finally, I keep wondering why they sell a software version 3.10 that isn’t the last one and why the automatic s/w update function of this program, which is acclaimed to be one of the program’s advantages, says that there is no update available.

I get excellent burns with my drive but the joy is somewhat diminished by the sloppy service surrounding it. I’m glad there is this forum! :flower:


When u start PTP XL does the start logo freezes and that’s it? If so change display settings to 800x600 and start PTP XL make your settings and save to registry close PTP XL change back to your normal display settings and start PTP XL again!

Hi 2Of3,

PTP XL does indeed crash during display of the splash screen but I wonder if this has anything to do with the screen resolution or some process starting up in the background. Could you please elaborate on this before I embark on a new series of installations and de-installations?

Thanks in advance!

Are you by any chance related to 7Of9? I always liked her looks very much. :cool:

sorry i’m male but i fancy her aswell I know i spelled it wrong but didn’t have time to correct it
and to your problem sometimes PTP XL won’t start .uck knows why at home and at work so i change resolution and PTP XL starts it does the job for me.

I just received the following, friendly note from Plextor:

I apologize for the confusion. The version 3.13 is still due to be released. This will happen very soon but at the moment it is correct that only 3.12 is downloadable. You can use the windows registry editor and search for entries with Plextools word. Then delete all the entries. This should enable you to reinstall the software. Sorry for the inconvenience and my previous unaccurate answer. We are bettering the service constantly and do appreciate any feedback you have for us. On behalf of Plextor I’d like to wish you a nice Easter.

As I’m having other commitments at the moment, I’ll leave things as they are for a while. Just wanted to let you all know.