Plextools Pro XL and MID Code Problem

I have the Plextor PX-716A TLA 0304, Win XP Pro SP2, AMD 64 3200+ Winchester, MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, 1 GB OCZ PC3200 RAM, Nero Burning ROM, Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 (Build 1705). Everything has been working well together.

I decided to try out Plextools Professional XL 3.02. The problem is after installing it I can no longer read the Manufacturer Media ID on any CD, blank or written, old or new, no matter what manufacturer. I can not get a MID code from CD’s with Nero or DVDInfoPro either. I uninstalled Plextools Professional XL (using Ashampoo Uninstaller so I know I’ve cleaned all of Plextools off my drive), flashed the firmware on the PX-716A to 1.08, updated Nero to and ran Windows SFC /scannow for corrupt files. Still, not able to read the CD’s MID code.

What really is puzzling is that I CAN read a DVD’s MID code in Nero and DVDInfoPro!

I read this morning the new Lord Croft’s thread on the new Plextools Porfessional XL 3.03 Update which supposed;y has a fix for “Disc Info”, but this is for Activated Istallations only and I was just trying the 14 day Trial Version.

Anyone have any recommendations, short of reformat and reinstall, that can help solve this strange problem.


  1. Is the “hide cd-r media” setting in Plextools enabled?

  2. AFAIK Plextools ingnores MID on a disc that has been burnt with bitsetting set to -ROM. (not sure about this)


Plextools is no longer installed. I uninstalled after noticing the problem, hoping to return my system back to “normal”, but I still can’t read the MID codes on CD’s with any application I have so far. (I installed Plextools Pro XL using Ashampoo Uninstall, so using their uninstall function should have removed pretty much all traces of Plextools. Great application,btw.)

Are you suggesting I re-install Plextools and “turn-off” this setting?


In Alcohol, click the “Emulation” button and uncheck the “Ignore Media Type” checkbox. CD MIDs will now display OK.


You were correct! Now I can read the CD MID codes.

I looked through Alcohol’s options several times but never made the connection. DOH! Have just started using Alcohol so this was the first time I looked for MID codes so as to notice the problem. I guess I unfairly blamed it on Plextools Pro XL.

Thank you very much for helping. I would think it should improve burn strategies with CD’s. Now I’ll see how firmware revision 1.08 for my PX-716A improves (?) performance and outcomes.

BTW, downloaded PXScan/PXview to try out.

Thanks again!

Happy to help out, bulletx. Pxscan doesn’t have the clickety-click graphical interface that the other tools do, but because the emphasis in Pxview’s display is on clusters of PIE/PIF errors, it more readily shows potential problem areas on a recorded disc, and is therefore more useful. If you don’t mind editing a DOS batch file every now and then, it’s definitely the way to go.