Plextools pro XL 3.01 released!

Hello to everybody!
Plextools pro XL update v3.01 is officially released at

Thanks for the info. PlexTools website states that this update is for activated installations only. Haven’t tested it though as I don’t like activations and kept it with PTP 2.21.

Direct download:


PlexTools Professional XL V3.01  	released on 08 April 2005

    * General
          o Support for PX-716AL
          o Support for DVD-R DL
    * Disc Extraction
          o 'Title' and 'Artist' in the cuesheet file are now based on either CDTEXT/freedb/TAG


    * General
          o performance fix on nForce systems
          o Open browser window for other default browser than Internet Explorer
          o the HTML test reports includes images with their full path
    * Disc Extraction
          o Tag names are truncated to 30 characters
          o The track number is not saved in the tag information of a FLAC file
          o The genre is always set to "Pop", although freedb genre is different
    * Disc Copy
          o A DVD-RW writen in VR format can't be copied
          o A DVD-R writen in VR format can't be copied
          o PTP XL hangs when copying 'Off The Fly' and a read error occurs
    * Q-Check PIPO Test
          o No line was drawn at 4(SUM1) and 280(SUM8)

Maybe is this the sign for the next fw 1.07?
Cause I spoke today with one of the plextor guys and ask him for fw 1.07.
I think it will comin soon!

1.07 is no where close to release

Why do you say that?

I cant seem to get the plextools site to load :frowning:

i want to know how long til someone posts a crack again… that was just classic

software has no indecation of a firmware release… if there is a 1.07 soon there better be dvd ram support

I think this one might have been due to an email I sent Plextor support :wink:

This is nothing new!!
Remember when 1.05 came out. 1.06 followed after 12 days and honestly for me
personally are 1.05 and 1.06 more or less not bad, but also not perfect.
From Plextor you could expect everything …

then wheres my dvd ram support i like :frowning:

When did Plextor ever say there would be DVD-RAM support for the 716A? What makes you think the Sanyo LC897492FL chipset in the 716A is even capable of writing to or reading DVD-RAM?

You will not wait for the next firmware?
That’s why you ask for the firmware prog.
DVD-RAM Support etc.!

exactly i can write it mysef as well as improve it…

to add dvd ram support honnestly isn’t much someone can do it in a few hours with propper testing… weeks if you wish to beta it… but if it reads and writes it works :wink:

I doubt Plextor is going to pay the licencing fee for DVD-RAM, none of their other drives have it… If the were to add support for it, they may likely charge for the firmware. The drive is expensive enough compared competing products from BenQ, Pioneer, NEC, and LG.

Personally, if I wanted DVD-RAM support, I’d have bought an LG… Don’t want it so I opted for the Plextor PX-716A and a BenQ DW1620pro.

Personally, if I wanted DVD-RAM support, I’d have bought an LG… Don’t want it so I opted for the Plextor PX-716A and a BenQ DW1620pro.

Same here… :iagree:

If you can write it…!
DVD-RAM is not a bad thing, but personally for me a not must be!
I think also that plextor releases one of the next drives with DVD-RAM
Support, like this one in Japan.
So the 716 Series wouldn’t have this with the next firmwares.

Thanks for reporting this one rapid fire :slight_smile:

@ dragger: stop posting you want DVD-RAM support, we get it. If you really wanted DVD-RAM in the first place, why did you get the PX-716A?

The DVD-RAM support is with the PX-605 unfortunaly only sold in Japan:

or with a LG GSA 4xxx