Plextools Pro User Guide

Thanks so much guys !
Let’s go for the burn : )

yeah that’s what i’m talking about. I have good luck with Verb MKM-001 +R DL’s @4X.

Please post results here.

The burn is done.
Both my DVD player and the DVD burner are able to read this IMGBURN built.
I will run a dvdinfopro scan tonight to check quality.

Does anyoner knows something about dvdinfo pro ? i find it on imgburn website.
It detects my px-760a and the media as well but when i want to start a PI/PO scan, it doesn’t match (no error is given).

Do you know how to scan the disc with PlexTools?

Only PlexTools ( and PxScan with modified FW) can report PI/PO errors on true Plextor drives. CD/DVD Scan and KProbe as well as DVD InfoPro will not do quality scans.

Not exactly.

AFAIK DVDInfoPro can/could perform quality scans on Plextor PX-712 and PX-716 series drives.

Since the scanning functions are now “command protected” in Plextor PX-755 and PX-760 series drives, only PlexTools can perform Disc Quality tests on those drives using unmodified firmware.

By using unofficial command unprotected firmware it becomes possible to perform Disc Quality testing on PX-755/760 drives with some tools such as PxScan and QPxTool, but I’m not sure if DVDInfoPro will work with the newer drives with command unprotected firmware.

Does anyone have a guide handy? I’m not sure this person is ready for PxScan…

If it plays fine i would say it’s a keeper.

I found some informations about pxinfo and the special required firmware it needs.
I don’t want to use some unknown firmware.
I found how to scan pi/po and jitter using Plextools but i don’t know what should it give to be good ?

Short summary: PIE (Sum8) shoud remain below <=280, PIF (Sum1) below <=4. For POE (Burst, there is no limit set) small spikes are preferrable. No POF are allowed. Jitter should not raise towards the outside (remain level); Beta should remain within +0.15 and -0.05.

Here are some ratings with examples:




Thank you hwp.
I’ll post the result.

Burn at forced 8x by Imgburn

pipo_goldo_dvd2.txt (410 Bytes)

shity isn’t it ?

TA test gives:
layer 0 : good - good - good -good (inner-middle-outer)
layer 1: not good - very good - very good (inner-middle-outer)

IMHO that is a good result.

The problem is quality scans do not tell us the full truth. They only tell us how the drive used for the test sees the disc. Drives differ in their reading capabilities and one drive may be virtually unaffected by one quality factor whereas another may already refuse to read the disc. So quality scans are only an indication not hard fact. To make hard fact quality scans you’d have to be able to calibrate the drive, which is not possible without doing hardware modifications.

Let me illustrate the above with an example:

That disc reads just fine in any computer-drive i have. It also plays fine in a Sony standalone. However a Yamaha standalone starts having severe playback problems when it reaches the second layer. Burning the same media at 6x speed only solves the problem for the Yamaha player.

So if your standalone player continues to have problems never mind what media or speed you use to burn your discs you might also want to investigate your standalone players capability to handle burned media. We have a sub-forum that deals with that kind of questions:

Ok thank you so much for your help HWP !!!
It’s also amazing that the second layer get worst pi/po results than layer 1 whereas Ta test gives better result ??
As my Pioneer DVD standalone player is able to read this build, i will produce the imgburn process (thanks Rolling56).