Plextools Pro User Guide

I’m looking for a userguide which explain how to configure the Plextools Pro utility to get the best burning results.
I’ve got a px-760a and burn disc by this tool.
I suppose it exists buit i don’t know where ?

There is a help file included, that covers most things at a basic level.

For more help, please tell us what exactly you want to do.

I would like to make good DVD DL burn quality.
I’m using Verdatim 8x and the Plextools v2.33 with px-760a.
How should i configure the tool to get it right ?

Video or Data?

Video : )

Yesterday i burned two DVD DL with same movie and they are not readable by my DVD Home player.
I saw that autostrategy is not working for DVD DL, why ??
I’ve installed Plextools pro xl v3.13 it same.
I’ve burned with power rec and it selected the 6x speed. :frowning:

If they are not readable at all, there might be compatibility issues with your stand-alone player. Did you enable bitsetting?

No, i didn’t.
I’ve installed as-strike software.
It scans the dvd DL +R Verbatim and find it doesn’t support thie media.
Why not ?

Verbatim +R DL (2.4x “MKM 001” or 8x “MKM 003”) are supported by the drive and work very well.

AutoStrategy does not support any DL media. Nobody knows “why”, but that’s just how it is. AS has no influence on Video-compatibility.

Some home-players don’t know how to handle burned media, only pressed ones. Check if this is the case. If it can handle burned media, try setting the booktype from “DVD +R DL” to “DVD ROM DL”. Also try using slower burn speeds (4x). I’ve seen verbatim DL media look fine in quality scans on pc but fail to play in standalones at the same time (expecially the second layer).

it’s crazy.
i’m using MKM 003 and i’ve burned some movie with success.
But now my 4 last burn are not readable by the dvd player.
I’ve set up the bitsetting on.
i’ve selected the 8x speed but the burn was made at 6x only.
I’ve upgrade the plextools pro version from v2.33 to v2.36.
I don’t understand anything now.
I got success in the past but i can’t do it again.
What should i do ?

Is it a problem using Intel Accelerator IAA IDE driver ?
Cause i’m using it even if the system seems to run well.

:cop: :cop: AAAARGH! Put it away! OUT! OUT! :cop: :cop:

Seriously. Microsoft standard IDE drivers is all you need.

Ok thank you for answering !!
Shall i do something like updating Microsoft IDE drivers ?
if yes so how to do it ?

Just uninstall the current IDE driver and reboot. Done.

I see no one has really answered your original question…

I have never used PlexTools to burn a DL Verbie. I am more prone to use ImgBurn in Build mode then use Burn mode with layer break info (.mds) set as good as i can get it with the options in ImgBurn. ImgBurn is free.

If it’s a copy protected DVD i own that i am backing up i use AnyDVD to take out the protection.

i’ve removed IAA driver.
I’ll try Imgburn burn mode

Is it possible to set up the bitsetting using imgburn ?

Maybe it’s no use to set it with imgburn ?

If you set in PlexTools it should stay that way or set it in ImgBurn.

Yes it is.