PlexTools Pro upgrading problems



I have PlexTools since i bought my Plextor PX-708A DVD-Recorder.
I have upgraded the original (bundled) PlexTools Pro (don’t remember original’s version number) once to the v.2.08 successfully.

Today i downloaded the PlexTools Pro v.2.23 upgrade from Plextors website.

I tried to install and i got the following (pic2) error message. It says I cannot upgrade because NO VALID version was found!!!

God! Original bundled PlexTools upgraded once with original Plextor’s upgrade and then… no valid version???

What is a valid version? One hacked or cracked by a third party maybe?

Why is Plextor making our lives so difficult?

P.S. Sorry, i could not upload the 2 pics (one showing the current version of Plextools and the other showing the error message).

I’ve regretted (several times) that i bought the “best” drive in the world (it was the top and most expensive in the world when it first came out in the market) from the “leading” company in disc recording!

I’d better buy the cheapest Korean or Taiwan brands next time!
Maybe they’re more reliable!

Could anyone advice or understand this madness?


There’s a registry entry that is used as a license key… why it’s missing, I don’t know ?

>>I have upgraded the original (bundled) PlexTools Pro
Reinstall the original (bundled) version (which include the registry key), and then you will upgrade with no problem.
I hope.