PlexTools Pro Splash Screen

Anyone know of a way to minimize at boot the PlexTools Pro Splash screen?

It’s enormous and displays for about 12 seconds before minimizing to the tray.
Plextor tells me it cannot be minimized.
I’m sure there is some type of registry tweak that can be inserted to cleanly do this.
Anyone know of a method?

I am annoyed of the PTP splashscreen, too … unfortunately, I have not yet found a way to disable it.

But the splashscreen doesn’t delay the PTP ready time since there is a lot of activity in the background (like drive probing etc.) during PTP startup.

Welcome to the forums Maki.

I also don’t think that you cannot minimize the load screen as JeanLuc already said: during this load time the application reads which drives you have installed and if some of them are Plextor drives. If so, it reads which settings are enabled/disabled, which firmware is installed, if there is a disc inserted (and if so, it reads the ATIP/ADIP info from the disc), etc.

You say the screen is enormous, which resolution are you running your system at? My load screen is pretty small because I run at 1280*1024.