Plextools Pro = High CPU Usage

whenever I put in a disk and burn it, Plextools’ cpu usage shoots up and it doesn’t stabilize even after burning, is this normal? All my burns have been excellent so far but this is just weird. I am using the Dangerous Brothers’ latest firmware, if that matters…


I would have to say No it’s not normal, When I burn my rig uses 1 to 5% cpu usage and that is with A/S turned on. I am doing a PIE/POF scan now and cpu is @1%. Guess it really depends on how many bells and whistles you have turned on in Plex tools. You didn’t mention your machine specs. If you have a small cpu and not much ram it probably is normal

I have a 2.8c, 1 GB of PC3200 ram… I guess I’ll have to look into this further

Check if DMA is enabled for your drive. If it’s running in PIO mode 4 then it will put a lot of stress on your CPU. You can find more information on this in the FAQ: My Plextor drive is burning and/or reading very slowly.. Of course, it could also be an issue with the PlexTools software. When you burn discs with other software, does the high CPU usage also happen or is it isolated to PlexTools?

mine is running on dma4

CPU 8% -normal

mmm… hopefully this problem will go away by itself, I love this burner btw!

I had serious CPU usage with one version of Plextools. (2.19 if I remember correctly) Starting Plextools caused 99% CPU usage, even closing the program took ages… Neither the earlier Plextool versions nor the newer ones produced that. That time I found no solution, except uninstalling it and installing an older version.

regards, Stephen

this is what I meant and this is idle

[QUOTE=Ziggy530 this is what I meant and this is idle[/QUOTE]

Looks like you have a lot of background processes running (53). You might want to try and exit some of the other processes (programs) before running Plex tools. My rig runs about 26-28 processes normally. Maybe one of those processes is causing trouble with Plex tools

Plextools uses alot of CPU usage when its scanning on my system, when its burning or otherwise just sat there then it does not use much at all.

Like crossg says, it shouldn’t use much CPU when scanning … I have one the slowest CPUs (1.0Ghz) here and it rarely rises above 10% even while scanning. The only reason I can think of for Plextools to eat up CPU would be if it was in constant contention for the drive with a program like InCD or Drag2Disc.

This was taken about 1 minute into a PI/PO scan:

I have a laptop and use an external PX-716UF. I experienced high CPU usage with PlexTools while my external Iomega Super DVD Burner was on and now keep it off when I use PlexTools. Furthermore, I use Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware Ad-Watch feature and have found it caused issues while using PlexTools and the PX-716UF itself and now unload it before using either.
Anyway, both times my system appeared to have high CPU usage. The Ad-Watch issue was easier to find because I could locate on the list of processes within XP and have everything organized via CPU usage so higher usage items appeared at the top of the list while I had PlexTools running and doing something.

I’ve noticed really bad spikes (like to 99%) on launching PlexTools in the last 24 hours-- the only major change to my system is I upgraded my 716UF from 1.04 -> 1.04u. Everything else is the same. This happens whether I launch at startup (As I usually do) or launch after I start up. I’m using PlexTools 2.20.

Sometimes I can just reboot and everything is fine.

It’s a really strange problem…

I am running 104U and looked at mine, when I launched Plextools 2.20 cpu went to 38% and down to 0% after launch. Starting to believe that some programs don’t play well together with Plextools. I uncheck Autostart as I don’t like a lot of programs running unless I need them. :bigsmile:

Just recently, I also have high CPU usage (50%) with PTP 2.17 and 2.21. I think it started after I flashed to 1.05 about 10 days ago (I am now on 1.06 a few days ago and same issue), and it stays at 50% even after burning is complete and DVDDcryter is closed.

I first got concerned when I would shut down system, I get: "End Program-Plextools Professional 2.21- the program is not responding (plus the rest of the verbiage about loosing unsaved data), and upon further investigation (today) is when I noticed the CPU usage stuck at 50%. At this point, you cannot ‘Retore or Exit’ PTP from the systray. You have to reboot the system. Only then will PTP be at 00% CPU usage.

About the same time before I flashed to v1.06, I also loaded DVDFab Gold for the first time on this system (their latest v).

I re-installed PTP 2.21, but no joy.

Suggestions anyone?

Thanks in advance for your help, Best Regards.

don’t use paging in xp

this is with 2gb of cas 2-2-3-5 ram no paging

programs running
clonedvd2 (burning a dvd home movie DL)
sql query running
tv tunner on (watching the space channel)
and your standard programs needed to run the pc
as you can see it doesn’t eat much cpu :smiley:

A little more info: I just burned an ISO to a +RW. During burning, PTP and DVDD CPU usage was about 1% each. After i got the ‘burning successful’ message and clicked ‘OK’, the PTP CPU usage jumped to 50% and it stays there. I cannot exit or restore PTP. ???

Sounds like another program is interfering with Plex tools. When this happens is there another program in processes that is also using high CPU usage? If so try turning off the burning progams in task manager until you find the culprit.