PlexTools Pro 2.18



I just installed the PlexTools software to find that the app does not display properly. The right side of the windows are truncated and I’m unable to resize the app window.

I have a 17" LCD at 1280x1024 desktop res, ATI 9500 Pro with the most recent drivers installed, if that may be related.

Dare I mention that this prob is only with the PlexTools app?

Anyone have any ideas?


I just resized my desktop from 1600x1200 to 1280x1024 (21" Trinitron CRT) and ran Plextools and did not experience this problem. I’m running an ATI 9800 with the latest drivers as well. Have you tried reinstalling Plextools, or installing an earlier version, like 2.17?


Same problem here, P4C800 Deluxe, P4C 2.8G, Win2000 SP4, Asus ATI 9800Pro, 1280x1024 75Hz.
I expect Plextools V2.19 to solve the problem!..


People with big monitors (like me) tend to go for “Large Fonts” (125%) and that’s what does it. Under Win98, the text is merely truncated, but under Win2K you lose some of the right side of the entire window.

Setting the font size to 100% will fix it, but it’s a crappy workaround and I also wish Plextor would fix that in subsequent releases.


Yeah, you got it, I hope that Plextor’s programmers will finaly master MFC’s and registry tweaking:
2005 Best Wishes


Yep, that was it.

Hope 2.19 fixes it-the 96 dpi setting kills my tired eyes :sad:

Old geezer with bifocals here…

thx for the prompt reply


As it happens, 2.19 does fix it!

:bow: Plextor :bow: