Plextools Pro 2.16 Released

Hi all

Plextools Pro 2.16 is available at Plextor Europe.

I hope it fixes the audio error correction problems :slight_smile:

Download is very slow at the moment


Accessing the page itelf is slow right now.

Audio Error Correction problem from 2.15 has been fixed :slight_smile:

Get it here if the download link at Plextor Europe is too slow for you.

I hope Plextor doesn’t mind.

Here’s a mirror for the German version (Me too hopes Plextor doesn’t mind!):

If the link doesn’t work for you by right klicking, paste it into your download manager. That should solve the problem. :wink:


I’m going to remove the file within a week or so…

@ Taroth, thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

@ Kenshin. Thanks for letting us download. :slight_smile:

@ Legnerp. On behalf of our German listeners I thank you too. :bigsmile:

Daum bought Lycos for about 100 million USD this week.

I moved the file here and added the German-languge file which I downloaded from Legnerp’s link. :slight_smile:

English 2.16 Update

German 2.16 Update

Please let me know if your download speed is slower than desirable.

Hell no, mine (english) was fast as lightning :bow:

Thanks for the links. The english update was around 2.4 mbps !!!

That’s why I host. It’s a 100Mbps line unused most of the hours. The main web server of my (South Korean) sites use another line which uses only 2Mbps dedicated bandwidth.

If it’s slower than the maximum download speed for most people here, the links are probably abused by some hot-linking people outside CDFreaks or the Dell server has serious problems which never happened since it was first installed. A funny thing is that I am uploading HD 1920x1080 files in MPEG-2 to a “web hard” remote server just to make more use of this line. That’s terabytes. :slight_smile:

The Plextor link seemed reasonably fast for most times even though the site is well known and well used for downloading Plextor firmware and PlexTools. They do a good job in Europe. What’s the point of making good software and movies if it’s expensive or long-taking to get? When I order books from a US site like Barnes and Noble or Amazon or BOMC, it usually takes two months to receive here in South Korea. By then, I can’t remember what I ordered or what I was going to read.

Cool update!