PlexTools + Premium = Slow Audio Extraction

Audio extraction should be about what? 5-10 sec’s a track? Not for me :frowning: I’ve had some take as long as 2 min’s, but most about 1 min. Max speed I was able to do so far was 3.5x Any Ideas why this is the max it’ll rip

PS I’m using PlexTools v2.10 and latest firmware for drive. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve updated to PlexTools v2.11 and still same thing. Also, here’s my specs just in case anyone needs them:

Abit NF7-S v2.0
AMD 3000+
1 GB PC3200
etc etc…

Originally posted by Geforcer

Max speed I was able to do so far was 3.5x Any Ideas why this is the max it’ll rip

What speed is set in Drive Settings ? Can you post DAE log here ?

Drive Settings = 18-40X CAV

I did 1st and last track, just for examples…
Here’s DAE Log:

PlexTools Professional V2.11 Digital Audio Extraction
Copyright © 1999-2004 Plextor SA/NV
08 March 2004

Software information

Windows XP V5.01.2600 Service Pack 1
ASPI Manager: n/a
Description : n/a


Read speed: 18-40 X CAV, Jumper settings: 001
AudioCD, 1 session(s), 13 track(s), 59:26.55

Selected options

-Audio file format: MP3 (Windows codec), 187 kBit/s <—Should Be 192
-Advanced error detection enabled
-Maximum errors : unlimited
-Allow Speed Down : no
Read Error Recovery Strategy : 1. Report Errors only (no recovery action).

Digital Audio Extraction log

Start of extraction
Extracting track 1 (C:\My Music\Track1.mp3 - 04:39)
Elapsed time: 01:41
Extracting track 13 (C:\My Music\Track13.mp3 - 05:21)
Elapsed time: 02:21
2 track(s) successfully extracted
Total Elapsed Time : 04:03

Pls keep in mind the time required for mp3 encoding.
Try extracting your files as WAVs and see the difference.

ok I dont know if I am talking crap now or not but I had some weird problems with my premium drive.

I THINK!!! (DONT KNOW) is that the plextools doesnt display the read speed

Drive Settings = 18-40X CAV 

correctly and displays false info.

anyway after uninstalling plextools and playing around for ages one day it said read speed was
12-16 or something and thats why my drive wouldnt burn.
I never changed the read speed settings but that what it was. I set it back up and all is normal now.

also check if your drive is in DMA mode not PIO mode :slight_smile: and it the audio cd perfectly clean?

Save the log and send it to Plextor - this is the best you can do now.