PlexTools POF scan and other scans?



I have seen scan with PlexTools that reports POF (which is really uncorrectable and means that you can thrash the disc right away), is it only Plextor drives that can report that and what models of Plextor drives have that feature ?

Which drives can report jitter and what are recommend values ?

Is FE/TE scanning and codeguys firmwares that adjusts burning quality on some Lite-Ons similar stuff ? Please correct me if I am wrong. But I have got the impression of that FE/TE scanning is for improving burn quality…

I have seen that the Ben DW1620 is pretty popular…does it have some kind feature that improves burn quality like FE/TE scan or codeguys firmware stuff ?
Why is it so popular otherwise ?

Is Plextor drives that reports POF the best for scanning discs at the moment or is there some other drive that got better features when it comes to scanning ?

Is there more tests you can do on the discs ?
A guy talked about som HF-signal, tracking (FE) and TA-tests (Time Analyzer)…does anyone know something about that ?

My English is not the best so please tell me if I have expressed myself crazy so you don’t understand what I mean.