Plextools LE ruined my autoplay and now drive won't read either

I apologize for originally posting this under an old thread as this is a new but related issue.

I succsesfully installed a 760A and it read all media and autplay brought up the appropriate option.

The consensus and Plextor confirmed was to install Plextools LE and not Plextools Pro that came on the CD.

I installed it and that went fine. However upon exit it oddly brought up the auto play box, but that went away.

Anyway post-install, autoplay stopped working. In addition, now I put some media type in, and the disk just spins…no box, no nothing. I put a DVD I made in and it won’t auto play, but I CAN click on THAT in my computer to play.

So Plextor support said to uninstall plextools and delete the drives and reboot. No joy. I am pretty frustrated…did all the reasearch bought the right drive with the fancy utilities, and now this.

Any help, most appreciated. I checked that autoplay registry setting…it is right. I checked the properties box in my computer, and tried to change settings, no change.

I heard LE might have some bugs but I did not think they would make my drives Unuseable! I know plextools somehow did this…they worked right before the install, and did not after being in the program a few times…

Thanks in advance for any help…


You can try this:

Download [B]TweakUI[/B] and install it. Then run the applet and open [B]My computer [/B] section,then open [B]Autoplay[/B] section and highlight [B]Types[/B]. Add ticks for Enable Autoplay for Cd and DVD drives. Click Apply button. Then highlight [B]Drives[/B] and make sure all drive letters are ticked. Then reboot your computer.
hope it helps.

Thanks for the thought. I had not tried tweakui as I thought the registry entry was in there correctly. However when I ran tweakui autoplay was not checked for cd and dvd drives and I thought that might be it. I checked that, hit apply, and all drive letters were already checked.

But after reboot, same thing. The 760A will spin a DVD and spin, no autoplay prompt comes up. And if I don’t go to my computer, or start a DVD player, it will spin up and down, various RPMs in some cases, in other cases just sit there. My other drive, a DVD reader also no longer autostarts.

Pulling up my computer seems to wake up either drive and makes it read it and display the data (CD, DVD, etc). So I don’t think I have the “optical drive disappears from my computer” problem, saw that KB.

I even tried re-installing plextools to see if it would fix what it messed up but it did not.

Only other thing I can mention is I did change the drive letters for both optical drives immediately after the hardware install but they worked fine after that. However if I recall, when Plextools made that autoplay screen pop up upon closing, it called up the original Plextor drive letter not the new one…This has got to be a bug if they knew about that popup…

I also saw a fix for autoplay from Msft but it appears to be only for autplay issues with removeable drives and those at least work for now! Post-reboot, tweakui still says it is turned on for cd/dvd drives. Hmmmm. I guess I should look at this as another XP “learning opportunity”.

Thanks again for trying, perhaps there is another option out there.

I guess I could always try a system restore but I am never quite sure what exactly is going on with that.


1.Uninstall PlexTools LE and reboot.
2.Open regedit.exe & find in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and delete folder Plextor.
3.Install PlexTools Pro from the CD, which was supplied with your drive and reboot.
4.When Plextools runs in Autorun after reboot open Options -> Preferences
On “general” page check “Autoplay audio CD’s” and “Autoplay data CD’s”,
then press OK and do [B]CLOSE[/B] program.
5.Then Download the latest [B]stable[/B] version , but don’t affraid of Japanese installation, after installation your PlexTools Pro will be English ( and don’t forget to write on disk for future =)
6. If my advice doesn’t help, sorry. But I need to see your computer, but I’m too far away =) May be some gurus can help you then.

In Plextools have you looked at Drive Settings -> Advanced -> Enable Auto Insert Notification? Also in File_> Preferences -> General is Autoplay Data CD’s checked?



Thanks to all for your help. I was within moments of just doing a system or image restore when I tried the Microsoft Autoplay repair wizard tool found here:

It checked a few things and found a problem that it fixed. Rebooted and autoplay is back.

This should just be included as a tweakui tool.

Hope this helps someone else out. I think I’ll wait a few generations before messing around with Plextools again…


Conventional wisdom is keep AutoPlay ALWAYS OFF.

[B]BJB[/B], Sorry I forget about this Microsoft utility. And I totally agreed with [B]geekrule[/B]’ opinion - AutoPlay MUST BE always off!


I make judicious use of the shift key when I don’t want it like for burning and such. But if popping in a CD or DVD to listen/watch, I like the convenience. Now I’ve just got to get the speed up, but that’s a separate story!!

Thanks again,