PlexTools - Incorrect Drive Letters

Hi, I’m having a few problems with PlexTools & a newly installed PX-760SA - unable to burn etc.

I have uninstalled PlexTools and been able to burn with other programs but as soon as I reinstall PlexTools - same problem. Also removed & reinstalled the drives (3 optical drives) but no improvement.

I noticed that PlexTools shows the PX-760SA as drive letter ‘C’ when it is actually ‘Z’. Could this be a cause of the problems? If so, how can it be changed.

Regards, & thanks for any help offered.

i had this with the latest intel matrix storage drivers (7.x). downgrading to 6.x “solved” it. still strange, that only plextools has this problem.

I’ve noticed the same thing, an incompatibilty between PlexTools and Intel Matrix Storage 7x when using SATA burners. Unfortunately it is unlikely Plextor is doing any more development on Plextools so this issue will probably remain with us.

Thanks for your replies.

I think I might just uninstall PlexTools and use alternative software. Shame, as one of the reasons for paying a ‘premium price’ for this burner was the included software.