Plextools - how to install latest version?

OK, now i HAVE the original CD and i also have a receipt and serial number for my 716A and my drive is registered over at Plextor.

My question is, the CD i have has an old version of Plextools…i’d like to install 2.25 right off the bat, without having to install from the CD then overwrite files to 2.25. It seems illogical to me to need the CD to have the latest version.

Having said all this, is there anyway i can install 2.25 without using an older version, and again…i have a legit drive and legit CD so there is no piracy crap going on. Thanks.

You mean your PX-716 did not have serial number before? lol?

Installing the version from the CD and updating that installation takes probably less time than writing your message, and in any case less time than waiting for a reply

There’s no way you can install the new (upgrade) version of PlexTools without first installing the older version from the CD/DVD - without breaking the terms of Plextor’s license agreement.

Technically it can be done, but don’t ask for or expect a “how to” in this forum.


  • without breaking the terms of Plextor’s license agreement.
    How do you know where Richard Dower lives and that the licence agreement applies to him?

I’m not breaking the licence agreement as i have a legit drive with a receipt and it’s registered with my name/address over at Plextor. But i shouldn’t be forced to use the CD which has an obsolete version before overwriting to the latest.

It’s illogical and stupid…why not have an option in Plextools to enter the serial number from the drive?, or Plextor issue you with a special code…why is the original CD nesscary?

If you can PROVE you have already a legit CD and a legit product…why?

Because they mass produce the installation disc with the older Plextools Professional in it (in my case v2.17). They probably don’t want to produce new installation disc everytime a new Plextools update is out. Not good but that’s the way it is. It is similar to other drives OEM disc with Nero OEM in it, for example. Usually does not come with the newest Nero version. And, btw, there is no serial involve in Plextools.