Plextools hangs after 1.16a upgrade

I downloaded v 1.09. Seems to work fine. I upgrade to v 1.16. The machine hangs on the opening screen, and warns to update to latest aspi. I updated apix.vxv and wnaspi32.dll to v 4.71.1. The machine now just hangs.

When I kill the plextor process, windows loses track of my secondary partitions and cd ron drives.

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And tried deleting the registry entries.

Anything I’m missing? DO I need to update firmware?

What Plextor drive are you using and what operating system? This software is not intended for use with non-Plextor drives.

Did you check the ASPI installation with the ASPI check utility?

If the ASPI is correctly installed, I would completely uninstall and reinstall and see if that gives the desired results.

I’m using win98SE.

I have two drives, a plextor px-w1610a (16/10/40), and a hitatchi gd-7000.

I did try uninstalling and reinstalling the plextools, but no go.

I ran aspichk, it says aspi is installed correctly.

Interestingly, when I deleted the reg keys, then ran the program, I noticed that the only registry entry plextools created was a new key (under h_local_machine/software/plextor/plextools) called dvd-rom , with a few value pairs.

Does plextools get confused when you have a plextor and non-plextor drive?


I should add, the key-value pairs were for the hitatchi drive

Originally posted by work_permit
Does plextools get confused when you have a plextor and non-plextor drive?

I’ve never had or heard of problems with non-Plextor drives when a Plextor drive is present. I have two Plextor 121032’s (one a converted TDK clone) running in Win98SE with a DVD-ROM and CD-ROM also present. There are no problems with PlexTools 1.16.

It also worked fine with earlier versions of PlexTools before the TDK was converted, only the TDK couldn’t access the Plextor functions. Using it with PlexTools was the main reason for the conversion.

I saw somewhere in the Plextor FAQ page that you should use ASPI 4.70, not 4.71.

Maybe you should try downgrading to that ASPI version and see if it solves the issue…

Fingers crossed x

Or even ASPI v4.60 if v4.70 doesn’t work. In the Plextor FAQ you can find links. 1st post by dfourthhorseman.

Thanks everyone. These were good ideas. I tried aspi 4.70, and forceaspi (4.6). I tried killing my aspi before installing, and rebooted after each install/uninstall. plextools v1.16a still hangs.

Before changing aspi, I uninstalled plextools, Then I would install plextools v1.09, the apply the v1.16 “upgrade”. Also tried installing aspi after the v1.09 install… GRRRR.

Is there a v1.15 upgrade out there that I can try? The website says upgrade v1.15 to v.16. Thats not what I’m doing…I’m upgrading v1.09 to v1.16. Of course, I have no v1.15 to upgrade.

Maybe my win98 machine has just gotten too old.

Win98SE works just fine with PlexTools 1.16.

If you want to try the v1.15 update, you can download it Here.

I’ve had the same problems,plex asking for new aspi driver and crash of plex after install.
My solution was first install wnaspi, then original plextools[ 1.13 did I have with the 4012 ] and then the upgrade 1.16a and resetting registry .

I,ve had the same problem twice!
After many hours of trying I changed the Intel harddisc drivers and then it worked.
It seemed that not even Plextor support was aware of this problem.

Hi Hotblack.

The Intel Harddisc drivers?!? Wow, my hats off to you, I wouldn’t have thought of that. What did you change them to?

It was the only thing I had not tried… :slight_smile:

I installed the latest “Intel Application accelerator”.

Not sure that it will help you…but give it shot and tell me how it worked…

Good Luck

I’m planning on upgrading to winxp & a new mobo in a month when GB comes out. My current win98 machine feels too flaky for me to load in a new ide driver. Thanks