PLEXTOOLS freezes Vista ! What a mess!



:a I just purchased a brand new Plextor 755SA (SATA) from NewEgg (mfg. date August 2006). I installed it this morning into my brand new Dell Dimension XPS410. I tried to install PlexTools LE that I downloaded from the Plextor Website, since I heard (in these forums) that the DVD that comes packaged with the new drive (w/Plextools Professional) locks up MS Windows VISTA. Well that “European LE” version locked me up really bad. I had to go into Safe Mode to UNINSTALL it. So what did I do next, as a fool… I installed the PlexTools Professional from the supplied DVD and wow-oh-wow what a “mess” this made of Vista… locked it up really, really bad… frozen screen, moving cursor made noises then everything froze. It was “stuck” on the Plextools welcome screen… completely locked up. I tried starting once again in SAFE Mode and it would NOT UNINSTALL :a … so I went into explorer (file manager) and deleted the entire Plextor folder in Program Files. I also searched the registry “run” (under software-Microsoft-windows) and saw nothing about any Plextor on startup…

SO WHAT DO I DO ?? DO I NEED PLEXTOOLS ?? I am running Roxio EMC 8, is this all I need ??

WHO ELSE out there has HAD this darn problem ??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


You don’t need Plextools to burn. But you need it for disc quality tests, GigaRec, PoweRec, Autostrategy and all the nice things to play with…


:eek: I kind of figured that, not needing PlexTools to “burn”… this is what EMC8 is for… but I wanted it to “see specs.” and “device testing”, etc., just as you mentioned, on my new Plextor 755SA. :frowning:

[color=red]:confused: SO WHAT “IS” AVAILABLE from Plextor for VISTA ?? :confused: [/color]

Obviously… I should also upgrade to latest FIRMWARE (1.07) A.S.A.P. ??


I am using PlexTools Professional XL 3.12 with Vista Ultimate. No problems.


None here either.

PLEXTOOLS freezes Vista !!
Is Plextools freezing Vista or is Vista freezing Plextools? :confused:


:Z PlexTools was FREEZING (locking up EVERYTHING half-way through startup) VISTA !! It’s removed now… but it sure made it’s mark… deathly afraid to try anything like that again… but WHAT is PlexTools Professional XL 3.12 ??? Is this a “purchased” program from Plextor :confused: ??
Or… can I download it “free” somewhere ??
By the way - I am running MS Windows VISTA Home Premium, NOT Ultimate (although I WISH I had that version… fax, back-up, encryption, etc., etc., that Home Premium does NOT have !!)


Does it freeze when you start up with already-burned DVDs in each drive (i.e., in the PX-755SA and whatever other optical drive you have, if any)?

If it doesn’t freeze under the above circumstances, and you don’t need your hard drives to run RAID, then it might help if you do what I did with my Dell 9200 (XPS 410 clone). See

This fixed my freeze issue under XP. For some reason, the RAID ON factory bios setting/chipset combination on the Dells doesn’t work well with Plextools (both Pro and XL).


The other DVD±RW is the original Dell OEM Samsung (TSST) and I have NOT tried this :confused:

:frowning: Actually I have TWO Dell WD 250’s running RAID 1 (MIRROR). It came set at with RAID 0 (500 GB total, striped, NO mirror) and I RESEST IT ALL TO RAID 1, (lost everything) then I had to reload VISTA Home Premium from the very start, along with all other apps. etc.

I “read” your OTHER REPLY (url above) and on my 9150 (another Dell computer, also running RAID 1) I actually have that setting, primarilary because I really DO have a “combo” with two SATA 160 GB HD’s and TWO LITE-ON (ATAPI-IDE) 165P6S’s… but on THIS particular XPS410/9200 I set it ONLY for SATA RAID and NOT the “ATA COMBO” setting as you did. I am afraid if I “changed” it NOW, all my data (and hours of hard work and tweaking) would be all lost. I am waiting for my WD 500 GB external HD and my Acronis True Image Home 10 Back-Up software (ordered from NewEgg) to arrive by this Tuesday… THEN I will make a COMPLETE SYSTEM IMAGE Back-Up and NOT be afraid to try that, but until I have a solid B.U. I will NEVER try to “experiment” again. I actually spent several hours doing “recovery” and re-setting" this morning, as the “crash” wiped out icons, re-arranged sidebar items, and lots of other funky stuff. VISTA is not stable enough YET to “play” with like this !!

To be 100% honest, I have not even had time enough today (helping Wife remove bathroom wallpaper, etc.) to even burn a DVD (or simple CD) with my new Plextor 755SA !! I have another (older Dell 4700) computer I just loaded Linux Ubuntu 6.10 on and I was “playing” with that !! :o


Plextools 3.12 Cannot Read Sata Drives Unless They Have A Disc In Them To Readthis Is What Happened To Me Each Time It Launched It Tried To Read Info From Dell Internal Sata Drive But Could Not See The Drive And Locked.i Now Leave A Recorded Cd In The Drive And Have No Problem


:rolleyes: THANKS for the suggestion… I remember reading in this forum a similar (leaving burned DVD’s in drives in Dells) “solution” or “work-around” which would allow me to use PlexTools on my Dell Dimension XPS410.

:confused: By the way… is Plextor going to STOP “selling” DVD±RW drives in the United States ?? Heard many “rumors” and read some “press releases” about this…:a


No more issues with Plextools Professional 2.36, LE or XL 3.12 and SATA drives here. I have the Plextors and three SATA hard drives running off of an Intel P965 chipset-based motherboard with ICH8R southbridge running in AHCI mode. My 755SA and 760SA are running the latest firmwares (1.07 and 1.06 respectively) and work fine under XP SP2 and Vista Ultimate x86. You may want to check the firmware version of your 755SA.


:wink: First thing I did after installation of my 755SA was to update the firmware to version 1.07. I see you are running Vista ULTIMATE… I am using Home Premium, but that should not make any difference with the “PlexTools issue” other than the fact you have quite a few extra “features” in Ultimate. Unfortunatey Vista Ultimate was NOT offered from Dell with the XPS410 when I ordered it (Jan. 29th) and about two weeks later it WAS at an additional $170 Dell “option”.

Please tell me… is PlexTools PROFESSIONAL (not the freebie ones) worth buying for the “average user” ??


Plextools LE seems to run fine for me in Vista except for a couple of things: can’t drag and drop files into it for burning and when I try and check my Autostrategy database the program crashes. I have a 755SA, does anyone else have these problems.


Plextools Pro is IMHO. a waste of money its just for checking how good your recording is as far as I am concerned


:eek: I have just duplicating software, Roxio EMC 9, and for this “old geek” I am doing just fine. I see so many others in the CD Freaks Forums posting scans and that is great for guys like me that can’t afford Plextools or other similar programs. Sure it would be very nice to “tweak” my DVD ±RW to get the ultimate performance out of it, but for now it is what it is… Thanks !!