PlexTools Filecompare?

Anybody know which Plextor program was used to compare the files/audiotracks in’s review of PlexTools ?

I assumed the FileCompare screen was a feature of PlexTools I somehow missed before, but I haven’t been able to find it. Who knows what (and where) it is?

Reply with email address I send you filecompare.

File size around 230K


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Could u send it here aswell plz!!

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Not sure but im pretty sure if u look around in the forum u can find it, remember reading about it…


Plextools filecompare

I could sure use a copy of the Plextor filecompare mentioned.

Could you send a copy to

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…and when you got the time,one copy for me PLEASE!

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I have sent filecompare via email,if the boss is up for it i can host the file if a download area is available.Is this another plextor distribution issue,this week they refused to send me CD RES Q a small harddisc utility.I was told to contact the manufacturer of the drive…Plextor are not cheap so why the hell the support is cheap my mind boggles.

btw i got Cdresq by other means


Your email is rubber…Bounced.


AFAIK, this feature is available in EAC as well as CDex :

This option allows you to compare two WAV files. 
This tool differs from a regular file comparison utility 
(like diff.exe or fc.exe) in that it ignores the WAV header.
So this option can determine the time shift between two files,
and sees whether the actual WAV data is the same.

I knew EAC had a file compare utility but not Cdex,I only use Cdex to import/export gracenote info from winamp2 to EAC.

Here is a link for those who want Filecompare



Sorry about the ‘rubber’ e-mail address, my fault (a typo).

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Just edited email address - no need to be shown anymore

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Sorry about the ‘rubber’ e-mail address, my fault (a typo).

Can you try EMAIL please.


Why don’t you dowload it from the link given by Peter ? :confused:

…perhaps he doesn´t have a internet connection???..


Why don’t you dowload it from the link given by Peter ?


…'cos we cross posted, any more ‘helpful’ comments?

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…'cos we cross posted, any more ‘helpful’ comments?
Well, first of all, there’s the PM feature for that, right ?

Secondly, you could have simply downloaded the file without displaying your e-mail.
I just don’t get your point here.

audiograbber has same type of tool but it shows offset also. and it showed no difference in the file.

i then used file compare and it showed huge differences for the files, one ripped to wav via nero from my plextor 2410a and the same file ripped using nero from my toshiba m1612.

used same file with same name what gives?

here is log from file compare:

FileCompare V1.0
Copyright © 1999-2002 Plextor SA/NV
02 March 2003

File 1 : C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\plextor\Track No02.wav
File 2 : C:\WINDOWS\Desktop oshiba\Track No02.wav

Comparing files…
Compare finished.
Total bytes checked : 40964828
Different bytes : 40320374

and from audiograbber 1.82 latest:
This function is found under the file menu.

The purpose of this function is to test if your CD player reads digital audio perfectly.


file size- 44876204/44876204 bytes…offset- 2280 bytes
No Differences Found

When digital audio is read from the CD there is a problem with the beginning of the frames. That is because there is no proper beginning and end of the frames, rather a long consecutive sentence of bytes. This means that if a track is read twice from the CD, the files should most likely be almost exactly the same. Usually, it is only some 1/1000 of a second difference, so it does not matter much.

The disadvantage is that the DOS command fc /b track1.wav track2.wav can not be used to test that the files really are equal. The Compare Two Files function does a comparison in the same way but takes into consideration that the tracks may start a little bit differently. This function also skips the first 44 bytes because they are not part of the track, they contain file size and file format information.

The offset tells how many bytes (not samples, a sample is 4 bytes) the beginnings of the tracks differ from each other. The comparison is halted as soon as a difference is detected. If the track differs, it tells at which position. You can open the file in a program like Cool Edit and see how they differ. Remember that the hexadecimal value Audiograbber gives you should be subtracted by 44 and then divided by 4 to get the exact sample.

Another test function is the checksum function of Audiograbber.

so what is the difference with one and not the other?

same file same tool to extract (nero latest) 2 different drives (is that the difference the drives?) plextor cdrw and toshiba dvdrom

trying to learn this stuff :slight_smile:


I’m searching for this filecompare tool from plextor. The link from peter, which is posted above, is down. Can I get it on another place or per PM, please?