Plextools does't recognize size of CD's



When I try to change Gigarec settings, this is what Plextools shows

I’ve tried several different blank Cd’s and it’s always the same.
In CD/DVD info Plextools doesn’t show manufacturer od CD while for DVD it shows.

When I tried some other programs (like Nero Info Tool or CDVD Info) they neither can read manufacturer for CD’s

I can burn 80-min CD in Nero but how to burn Gigarec-ed Cd in Plextools?


Have you installed the Alcohol software? It has an option called Hide CDR Media (or similar) that prevent apps like PlexTools or Nero to read the disc information. Disable this setting will solve your problem. Good luck and welcome to the forums Kresso.


Well, thank you, that was the problem. Now it’s ok.


I will add this info to the FAQ when I get around to it. This problem is quite common. Good to hear you solved it :slight_smile: