Plextools doesn´t save the settings




i am using plextools v. 2.19a with my px716a, when i disable powerec it doesn´t save the settings. when i restart the plextools powerec is still enabled, this sucks.

with nero it´s no problem to disable it with it´s own option, but when i use another recording software powerec kicks in.

i am using mcc03 +r writing speed 12x with excellent results, so i don´t understand why powerec slows down to 8x even 6x.

thx for your help :slight_smile:


does it do this even when you leave PT running while using a diff burning app?


Plextools save its settings if you exit. So set all the settings you want (PR en/disable, QCheck PIPO graph scale/accuracy, etc, etc) and EXIT from plextools. Let us know if this doesn’t works.


when i leave PT running while using a diff burning app, it works. but i would like to avoid that, because with my old px708a i got problems with the burned dvd´s doing that.

yes plextools save its settings if i exit, except powerec. booktype, autostrategy, etc… will be saved.

does it remain saved on your computer when you exit PT?


it seems to be a bug in plextools 2.19a.

i tried it with version 2.17 which i got with the drive on cd, and it saved the setting on exit (disable powerec).

can anybody check this with pt 2.19a and confirm please.



You’re right. The PoweRec is back to enable everytime Plextools starts. But why do you want to disable PR? It’s best to enable PR and AS at all time, except if you want to experiment.


because it is not possible to burn MCC03 with 12x - powerec always kicks in and slows down to 8-6x after 1,5 gb.

i have disabled it in nero and the quality of the discs burned 12x without powerec is excellent. but how explained below i also would like to use another burning software and disable powerec to burn with full speed.

i also have disabled autost. i use just MCC media, from now on MCC04 printable and the quality burned with 16x is very good too.

does it make sense to enable autost. if i only use this kind of media?

thx for your help