Plextools crashing

I’ve plextools updated to 1.16a and everytime I try to change the preferences plextools crashes with fault in kernel32.dll or plextoolexe.
The only reply from the plextorcompany was : do a new install of windows.
Has anyone experienced the same problems ?

Never had problems with PlexTools but re-installing Windows is a last resort. I would first try to uninstall PlexTools completely (including registry entries) and then do a fresh install with your PlexTools disc. See if that works and if so upgrade to the latest version 1.16a.

Why don’t you try FAQs & FACTs

Q: (10/09/02)Plextools crashes after installing an upgrade, what can I do?

A: Please delete the registry settings: they are located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Plextor\PlexTools. Plextools should start after this.
One can do the same, while Plextools is running: go to Options - Preferences - General, there is a button to clear registry settings. All previous settings will be cleared.
Upon close of the Plextools program, the latest values will be restored if “save settings on exit” is enabled.

Thanks for the help,
after new install and upgrade plextools are working fine now,
I’ve also upgraded the wnaspi32.dll drivers,maybe that was part of the problem too :slight_smile:

I also have problems with PlexTools crashing. Opening the preferences dialog, selecting the second tab, and then pressing OK results in a crash every time.

So far I’ve tried the following :[ul]
Upgraded PlexTools to v1.16A
Upgraded CD-RW (40/12/40A) firmware to v1.03
Upgraded wnaspi32.dll
Cleared the registry settings from within PlexTools
Cleared the registry settings manually[/ul]
I can open the preferences and click around changing things and then click OK without problems, but if I at any time select the second tab (Digital Audio Extraction), I get a crash when clicking OK. What happens is that PlexTools disappears immediately without any error messages (either from PlexTools or Windows), the tray icon remains visible until I put the mouse cursor over it, it then disappears.

Plextools does work, I have extracted audio with it, but there appears to be some form of bug/incompability issue with the preferences dialog.

Any help appreciated.

Originally posted by wc2wc
Thanks for the help,
after new install and upgrade plextools are working fine now,
I’ve also upgraded the wnaspi32.dll drivers,maybe that was part of the problem too :slight_smile:

The Plex tools does not need or use any ASPI support…

What other software is open at the same time ?? Anti-Virus ? other ?

Lillebror have you tried clearing the registry settings as BoSkin also suggested in this thread?

I too have the problem of Plextools crashing when I open and close the DAE preferences. Even if I don’t actually change anything in preferences, and just click OK, or even cancel, Plextools just shuts itself down. I then restart Plextools and none of the settings have been saved (that’s if I had actually made any changes).

I have tried everything, and I do mean everything, suggested on this page to get it to work. I uninstalled, reinstalled, cleaned the registry etc and it still won’t work. I’ve shut down all other programs from my taskbar, so things like Zonealarm, my anti-virus, and so on, aren’t running anymore. I only have Plextools open, and it still won’t work.

I’ve previously used EAC with great success, but I was really looking forward to trying out this new Plextools. Does anyone know if Plextor are looking into this problem? I’ve looked on a few different forums and it seems that a number of people are having Plextools crash on them when they leave the DAE preferences menu.

Any thoughts?

Any thoughts?

I have plenty of those , but the point is that i need at list to know your OS and motherboard Chip-set .