PlexTools Crashes

For some reason Plextools crashes on me when I try to rip a CD. When I have all my settings set, I hit “START” to start extracting. The CD spins up then Plextools just crashes. It creates a DAE log but there is nothing in it. I even tried different CDs and still does the same thing. I tried deleting the things in the registy and reinstalling Plextools and it still does it.

OS: Windows XP Pro
CPU: AMD XP +2100
BURNER: Plexwriter 12/10/32A
SOFTWARE: Plextools 1.16A

If some one could give me a idea why it keeps crashing on me when I try to rip a CD it would be greatful.

Thank You :bigsmile:

List the programs running in the background. Are any virtual drives installed?

What other hardware, motherboard cards, etc. are connected to your computer?