Plextools crashes XP



Just recieved my PX-716A but when I start Plextools Pro. it crashes my machine. Been working with support but they can’t figure it out. Shuttle SS51G, XP Pro, Radeon 9200, 512 RAM. Never had software crash my system before. Anyone else experience this problem?


Anything installed like InCD, Alcohol, Virtual Clone Drive, AnyDVD ?


In addition to JeanLuc: do you have Sonic DLA installed? Read this FAQ:


Another addition:

make sure that your IDE drivers are installed correctly … in case of nVidia nForce2 based Mainboards, I strongly advise you to use the Microsoft drivers instead of the nVidia ones.


nero express v.3, b’s recorder gold


Tried the suggestions posted here? Maybe it will also help to install the latest PlexTools version (2.19a).


Removed all burning software, other than Roxio, burns fine just can’t run Plextools without crashing. XP says there is a device driver conflict. Is Plextools that great that I should expend the energy?

Thanks for the suggestions,


Remove Roxio (boot to safe mode for that task if possible) and re-install your IDE devices (just delete the primary and secondary channel from device manager and reboot) … I have only had troble with Roxio products in the past.

It could help if you clean up your autostart folders … run msconfig from the start-run command and see what is being loaded during system startup.

BTW … yes, Plextools Pro is worth the energy :iagree:


Expecially with the 716… :iagree:



Did all that, down to just the basics, still crashes when I start Ptools. Shuttle SS51G, 512RAM,ATI 9200, XP SP2, can’t understand how everything works fine EXCEPT Ptools.
Thanks for the suggestions.


What do you mean by crash? The system hangs? Did you set PT to automatic run on computer startup?

Try this:

  • Uninstall Plextools
  • Clear Plextools in the registry with regedit:
    –> Start - Run - regedit
    –> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
    –> delete Juxtaposition
  • reboot
  • Install Plextools again.