Plextools crash

Hello.I have a 48/24/48 TA drive and when i try to install plextools the system starts windows and after that is too slow till nothing works.Note that the HD led is always on.I try to install plextools 1.18 and 1.18 and the problem remains.Also the problem is the same @ Win2000pro, WinXP pro SP1, and Win98se!!! When i uninstall the plextools(from safe mode only)the system works fine!
If that info helps,my system specs are:
1GB 333 of ram
gf4 Ti4600
Maxtor 80gb(new) (the same problem happened with my old 40gb HD)
Atapi Dvdrom star2000 DVD
Plextor 48 24 48 ta
WinXP pro Sp1

ps: i gave up with plextools in the end

You can try this:

Put the Plextor recorder on its own IDE (secondary) channel as Master and leave the slave position empty. Install the PlexTools software and upgrade to the latest PlexTools version, v1.19. Restart your computer and see if it works… does it?

Finally i put on my plextor 4824 the 1.04 firmware and the plextools stopped to crash! I have installed the plextools 1.20 and working fine!:bow: :bigsmile:

Good news! Thanks for reporting back violator :slight_smile: