PlexTools CD scanning problem

When i trying to scan CD (c1/c2 etc) plextools generating a fatal error and close…I can scan dvd but can’t do beta/jitter test (error: invalid comand 052000).
I use plextools 2.32a and px-760a…where is the problem??

When i use Plextools XL i can scan beta/jitter for DVD but i have strange result like this…

i solve my problem…

what was the issue?

i uninstall dvdidle pro, clonecd and alcohol…and set my plex as secondary master…now cd scaning work but still i can’t test TE/FE for CD …(now i must find who make me problem)

beta/jitter in plextools XL - strange vertical lines is a bug in plextools and plextor known about this…(bad cooperation between plex 760a and plextools)