Plextools and verification speed



With Plextools 2.19A installed verification of DVD+R is limited to 2X. DVD-R still verifies at max speed and if I uninstall Plextools verifications for DVD +R works at max speed again.

I am still unfamiliar with Plextools. Have I inadvertently told Plextools to restrict verification to 2X i.e is there some way to switch it back ?

If I’m getting exellent results without Plextools is there any vital reason to have it running ?


Just go to the Drive Settings tab in Plextools and select a higher speed, +R/+RW/-R/-RW can go up to 5-12x speed. If you run a test scan Plextools reduces speed to 2x and leaves it there - you need to manually select a higher speed and save it afterwards.