Plextools and Nero together?

Hello, I am new to this forum, and I have just bought the Plextor PX-755A DVD burner. I have been using it with the full version of Nero 6 (, updated to a bit earlier) with good results.

I have not installed Plextools from the DVD Plextor provided yet. I have read that in order to access some of the features on the drive I need to install Plextools.

What I want to know is: can Plextools and Nero 6 coexist peacefully? I only use Nero for burning and probably need Plextools for adjustments only. I have heard (in the past) that different burning softwares may have problems when installed on the same computer. So I want to know whether such is the case for Nero and Plextools.

I have had Plextools and Nero 6 on my machine for over a year and have never experienced any conflicts. I only use a Plextor Premium but the tools are the same.

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for your clarification. :slight_smile: