PlexTools and FLAC (invalid file)

Just stumbled over something strange. PT 2.25 audiocd-maker will not accept one FLAC-File but another one without fail. After some research i’ve noted that the files rejected ("… is not a valid flac file") are encoded @96khz whereas all files accepted are encoded @44khz. Not exactly a bug but more likely a unnecessary self-limitation by PT 2.25.

Before I start pestering Plextor about this: Could any of you that have some FLAC files at hand try to reproduce this behavior while having an eye on the sampling rate and report back here? TIA.

Just for fun I resampled a wav from CD 44,1kHz to 96kHz. Trying to put the 96kHz wav file into Plextools resulted in “… is not supported.” error message.
Then I encoded the 96kHz wav file with latest flac and received “…not a valid FLAC file.”

So I can confirm your findings.