Plextools and disc at once



I whould make an audio cd using plextools burning software. I want make it in disc at once mode, but i don’t find how make disc at once cd using plextools. Any help?


PlexTools is probably a smart program and burns audio in DAO mode only.

Set the pauses and forget! :wink:


If you’re doing a whole cd from the cd copy choice…yes it automatically does DAO…

However, if you do the Digital Audio Extraction of each tune individually…the default when you burn is 2 seconds…so you have to go into, I believe “properties” in the audio cd maker window and physically change the 00.02.00 gap to 00.00.00 and hit “set for all tracks” and ok…then a window will come open and say you must have a 2 second gap at the beginning…then hit ok again…

Sorry about the shoddy description…I don’t have it in front of me at the moment.