Plextools and data

Another piece of software I just purchased is Acronis True Image. Has anyone had any experience burning drive images to DVD using Plextools. TI says it wants you to UDF format DVDs prior to burning images to DVD. I own a 708a but another reason i decided to give Plextools a try was that Nero and Roxio seemed to have all sorts of issues. I’d like to use Plextools for as many functions as possible. I’ve backed up some data and programs to DVD and it seems to quietly do it’s job. I believe that’s the desired effect. Any input on using PT for data would be appreciatted. Some forums are cold to newcomers but my other post got many helpful responses. Very refreshing!

i’ve used Plextools to copy data DVDs and data ISO images and it works just fine. i believe TrueImage is referring to DVD±RW discs when it says it must be UDF formatted (since you don’t format ±R discs at all).

if everything is going smoothly (have you verified the burns?) then you should be all set.