Plextools and DAE

whenever i use plextools 1.16 for DAE it always rips a song twice so that my id tags arent correct anymore. Does anybody knows a solution for this.
I can request the correct file list from freedb, and the songs are sequentially named correctly, but from the moment it double rips the song, the names belong to the wrong song

double rips the song

How many times do you press the rip button… Joke … :slight_smile:

It looks that is something that you do wrong there , but i can not understand what , other than making rips by having all the riped files in the same folder and they get overwritten ,and by this way you have loose what is what …

right now i’m doing the task with eac and lame, but since plextools is double as fast i’m going to try it again after he finishes this one

The plextor tools is the best ripping software , and works with the Lame too.
I had trash the EAC since i got in my hands the Plextor drive and software …

Explore the Plex tools and learn the secrets of them , i am sure that you will forget the EAC as soon you will realize the power of Plex tools .

i will, its six minutes faster per cd
switched back to the lame 3.92 and the problem seems to be gone :bow:

I had operate the Lame 3.93 with out problems , but i turn back to 3.92 , as there was some bag in the sound quality with the release of 3.93 …
I have info that the author of it is working on it right now .
But is hard to imagine that your problems was related to it !