Plextools affecting auto play on all drives



This is my first post so bare with me ,I ussually get my answers from other posts. What I have is a problem when plextools version 2.18 is unchecked to start at boot time, My auto play stops working for all drives . It does not matter wether it is a music, video, or data cd/dvd it wont load under auto play. If I double click drive media starts with no problems. It is definately plextools related because if I uninstall plextools the problem goes away. It works fine if I let plextools load at start up, but not if I load it manually once booted up. Plextools even blocks some programs in the play with list. “They are missung from the list” when my auto load does not work.
I be honest with you I only use plextools for testing my dvd’s and it is just a minor inconveniance but I cant find away around it with out letting plextools run at startup. I like to keep running programs to a minumum.By the way when I right click drive and choose auto play under windows It makes no differance it still wont load when Plextools is not started at boot time.

Windows XP Pro SP2, 2x WD 120 gig harddrives,
2 WD 74 raptor serial ata drives, 1 Gig corsair XMS DDR 3200
Plextor 712a 1.05,Plextor Premium 52x32x52 1.05 , Gigabyte-7N400 Pro2 Nividia Nforce2, Gigabyte 5900XT video card

Buy the way the new nforce ide drivers version 2.6 dont get along well with Plextools Reports master and slave as the same and has other issues also.
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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Create new text document, copy and paste the text above and save as Repair Autorun.reg
Then import this Reg-file in your registry. You must log off and log on again. It repairs autorun for Data disks.


I’ll give it a try . You mentioned data disc I will see if it works, I will post back later.


Ok This problem has been giving me fits for a month now, And I was just ready to try the registry fix by Poaalpina when I decided to check it one more time before registry repair and it has been working fine since then. “Damn computers” I will keep my eye on it and if problem comes back I will try the registry repair tip, but for now it’s ok. Only noticable thing that I have done was install a windows update recently. Is it possible a microsoft update actuallly fixed something instead of break something? Who knows!

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Well Plextools 2.18 starting to give other problems. The other day I went to burn A back up and my 712 was burning memorex 8x media at 2x, From whitch I could previously burn at 8x . I decided to make a couple of coasters using nero drive speed and could only burn 1st disc at 2x, I then uninstalled plextools and retested and was back to my 8x burns. Note plextools was not allowed to run at startup, Because I only used it for scanning but for some reason it was still affecting my burners performance So for now I will keep it uninstalled until They come up with a bug free program that is compatable with my configuration. By the way anyone else having problems with plextools 2.18
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2.19 is out…give it a whirl and see if it fixes your problems.

there’s a thread in this section to the DL link.


Hi cjokko.

Enable DMA on all your drives in devicemanager and make sure it is there after you reboot. If that doesn’t work you have to uninstall each IDE controller that have a problem and reboot. That should fix it.

And I hope you are using MS IDE drivers that came with your Windows XP.

Hope That Helps.


Thanks guys for the reply I will try version 2.19 also funny thing about plextools version 2.18, DMA was set to on when I first installed it but when problem started I noticed In the device manager it was set to DMA but plextools was set to off > I did not change this setting It happened all by itself. Upon setting it to DMA on, in plextools again did not help, only uninstalling plextools gave me back my performance. Im not sure why plextools started giving me fits all by itself, but I will give it one more try under version 2.19. Also I am using Microsoft ide drivers just to many bugs with nvidia software ide drivers. :eek: