Plextools - “Source Disk Too Large" Solution

Today I’ve been fiddling around with “Plextools” for a couple of hours.It all started when I was trying to make an audio cd, using “Plextools” “audio cd maker”.

Every time I tried to burn the tracks (from my HD) I got the following message: “Source Disk Too Large".

Since it worked only yesterday, I thought it perhaps
Was a case of a bad media. So I tried a couple of others, but with the same result.

Then I decided to try and burn the tracks with “Nero”. No problems, the cd was burnt straight ahead (Ha Ha).

I removed and reinstalled “Plextools”, but no luck. Suddenly I remembered that I upgraded my “Alcohol 120%” yesterday and, as you properly know, “Alcohol” uninstall it self completely and then install the upgrade. So it doesn’t keep your old settings or serial in the registry.

Therefore the “ignore media type” was now checked, which it wasn’t before the upgrade. So I unchecked it and “Plextools” worked again.

I still can’t figure out how, “Nero” completed the task though.

I hope this experience can be helpful to ohters.


Originally posted by BeeR_DoG

I hope this experience can be helpful to ohters.

Yes. Thanks !
FYI, it’s been known rather well and is available in the FAQ :

Q: (11/10/02) When PlexTools reports: “Source disc too large”, what does this mean?

A: This warning message might be caused by a CD-recording program that has a “Hide CDR” option (e.g. CloneCD)
or a Virtual CD-Rom Drive.
Even after closing the program this setting can remain active.
Please deactivate this option in the recording software or remove the Virtual CD-Rom Drive.

moved thread to Plextor Forum, because most Plextor customers read this forum and not the other one :wink:

Sorry for making an ass of my self. But to my humble defense, I must say that I did do a search on the subject in this forum, and with google. Obviously I wasn’t methodically enough. I should have stayed in bed, I guess.

However, I still wonder why it was possible to complete the burning with Nero.


Originally posted by BeeR_DoG

Sorry for making an ass of my self.
I didn’t mean it, really. So, no worries, pal !
And I’ve no answer to your question, 'coz this has never happened to my Plex.
Hopefully there will follow more appropriate answers than mine.