Plextools 2.35 and LAME settings

I am using the plextools 2.35 and have managed to stuff the Lame 3.97 dll in the proper place. When I open the L.A.M.E. Extra Options window, I would like to use the fast extreme preset. But I don’t know what settings are to be used in the min and max bitrate boxes. They do affect the encode, thats for sure. Any links, information etc. ?

I was thinking about this too awhile back.

Where is the proper place to put LAME in Plextools? I’m using 3.13 PTP XL.

This thread will be very informational to me.

With 2.35, it is the Plextools folder. Unfortunately, my documentation stops there. I read up on Lame, but can’t figure out the settings for the bitrates. When doing a search on google with lame settings, I find good suggestions. But from my understanding, the presets should also set the bitrate. But obviously, Plextools allow or force an override.